Sunday, February 10, 2008

Watching the Grammys

Actually having a good time and haven't wanted to barf once. Kanye was a little stuck up, as usual. Old Houghton and Aretha tore it up with some gospel. They flat-out had some church up in that place. Lovin' it.

Amber quote after Foo Fighters win: "Man, musicians are just aWKwARD on film. They're just rejects from middle school that never got over it."

The dialogues in between awards are C.O.R.N.Y. Dear lord let the writers back in the building.


Stephen said...

I was so surprised, and glad, when Herbie Hancock won "Album of the Year". And it was cool that Quincy Jones presented it to him.

And I was glad the Nashville Symphony won the awards they were nominated for. Just a little disappointed that the one album I worked on that was nominated, Casting Crown's The Alter and the Door, didn't win anything.

portorikan said...

I thought Kanye put on a great show. He was a little stuck up as usual, but the get up was pretty cool. The song for his mom felt like a nice touch.

I forgot who said it now, but the country artist that won had the best line of the night directed at him.

"I just got handed a grammy by a Beatle. Haven't had that happen to you yet, have you?"