Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tim Keller

We saw Tim Keller the other night talking about his new book, The Reason For God. I haven't read the book yet, but from all accounts it is as fantastic as his sermons. Keller is an incredible preacher. Most of you know that. I'm a little late on the preacher-clue train as far as great teachers go. I didn't know a darn thing about Tim Keller when we got here until I bragged to one of my buddies in Missouri about our new pastor. He already had half his sermons on podcast or whatever.

To be honest, I usually don't like to listen to sermons much. I love preachers, I am a preachers son and grew up surrounded by preachers, but after all these years, I much prefer reading. Mostly because I'm a.d.d and I have a hard time concentrating on long lectures, which is what preaching is. I much prefer the Socratic approach.

HOWEVER, Tim Keller is a different story altogether. The man is not only a giant, six-foot-four brain with glasses, he is extremely likable and probably the best Bible teacher I've ever heard, in person. I say teacher, cause that's what he is. A pulpit-pounding pontificator, he is not. Thank God. Tim is much more like a professor, but one of those professors that get applause after their lectures. Not that he goes for the applause thing, or that he cares about that crap.

Most times, in college, if you go to a good University, you have professors who are pretty good and you enjoy their class a great deal. My undergrad, not so much. My grad school, bunches. And if you've ever experienced a teacher that is so brilliant, that you can't wait to get a good seat, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's like they've got... shoot, I hate to use these words, but "the secret" to it all. And it's not really a secret at all, it's just that they have a way of shining a light on what has been there all along, something that you knew, somewhere inside of you, but where unable to express it or find yourself. That's what a great teacher does and that's what Tim Keller does.

We love Redeemer and we've already been blessed in so many ways by friendships there. Last week, Tom Jennings, an incredible musician, head-hancho of the music program at Redeemer, and all-around great guy ask Amber and I to sing "Give Me Jesus" for the two evening services. We did, and we were blessed and I hope the good people there were blessed as well. Later that week, we went to a meet and greet with Tim Keller and got a chance to talk with him a bit. (He liked us but only recognized us from behind, as that is how he saw us singing.) Also, during the Q & A about his book, I noticed that Genny Owens was sitting in front of me. We also met her and chatted with her after. What a sweet person she is!

So that's the church update for now. Going to lead worship for a Redeemer group tonight and need to brush up the guitar skills. Maybe work on my nunchuck skills or bow staff skills after. Peathh Out.

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Joanna Martens said...

excellent. I will check this out.

I'm always on the lookout for another great bible teacher. Not to wave the "my pastor is so cool!" flag, but John Macarthur is pretty doggone amazing when it comes to bible teaching as well. If you have not heard/read his stuff I recommend it. John piper too.

p.s. genny owens' music has ministered to me during trials many a-time.

Anonymous said...

I loved Timmy K while I was in the City. Glad you have him now.

nancy said...

I had to read the a.d.d. line twice. I didn't know what a "dd" was at first. Glad you have found a great person to learn from.

Chaotic Hammer said...

While everyone else is making useful and relevant comments, I'd just like to point out that in the photo, he looks like he's doing a Vulcan mind meld on himself.