Wednesday, February 06, 2008

City Sketches: Before Bed

Lately, since we've moved into our new apartment, I’ve been taking to sitting in my office/bedroom, in the dark, with the window slightly open, just to listen. During the night the city sounds like a distant, idling engine or far-off waves. Except instead of seagulls, you occasionally hear a truck beeping as it backs up, or a police siren wail, grow loud enough to make you feel uneasy, then finally die away. An exciting sound for me tonight, but tomorrow, it might sound lonely as heck.

Either way, it never stops. Even in the darkest, silent night, the city washes over you with that constant, soft roar that seems to stretch out forever, into the soft glow it gives to the horizon and finally out into the cold Atlantic.

I love it. All that soft noise makes me sleepy.


Chaotic Hammer said...

Oh yeah. I definitely dig the constant white noise of your beautiful city. I could certainly live peacefully amongst all that.

I also love the nothing-but-crickets sound of my place here in the country. (In winter, there aren't even crickets -- just gazillions of stars singing in the night sky).

I guess I just want it all.

Seth Ward said...

C-ham, I like both as well. I do miss the stars.