Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beat the Movie Mafia

Tell your wife to get out the big purse. Drop by Kroger and snag the 1-dollar bag of Milk Duds. Grab a couple of bottles of Coke from the Kroger handy fridge while you are at it. Grand total so far: 3 Dollars. Then go home and pop a bag of Kettle Corn. Put it in a couple of Ziploc Bags. VOILA!

You've saved yourself darn near 20 dollars off a 4-dollar investment. AND you have the pleasure of smirking at the Crooks running the concession stand as you pass by. (Plus you feel a little sneaky)

Now some of you here are like..."Duh" But for some of you that are pure as the driven snow and wouldn't ever think of ways to beat that little highway robbery thing they've got going on there, hopefully these tips will save a buck or two.

I love movies and the more money you have, the more movies you see.

Any other good techniques?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Up Late Studying

Here are some random music facts that you may or may not find interesting. Share my pain.

1. Opera finds it roots in the Medieval and Renaissance Madrigal. ZZZZZzzzzz

2. The Motet (religious Choral work) finds its origins in Substitute Clausula. See, those chant composers liked to write little closing things at the end of a long haunting chant. A little improv. to polish it off. Those little improv. sections got bigger and bigger, with more and more notes added. Composers started exchanging those parts of the Chant renaming them "Substitute Clausula" Later they just axed the Chant's involvement altogether and gave them new words of their own. The Motet was born.

3. Composers liked to slip melodies into their liturgical masses that were dirty secular songs. It would be like me writing a choral work for the local Baptist choir and slipping in "To the Wall" or "I've got Hoes in Different Area Codes" into the flute line. They thought it was funny but when the Pope found out about it he was pretty ticked. If it weren’t' for Palestrina, polyphony would have been cut altogether and it would have been back to chant.

4. Schubert liked little boys. And I don't mean Captain Kangaroo liked em' I mean... glitter-glove liked em’

5. Wagner was an anti-Semitic and a wife thief.

6. Chopin died of TB, loved Mozart while Beethoven Scared him. -Wuss.

7. Tchaikovsky liked dudes. Thus the numerous ballets, or as I like to call them, "gross, cover-your-bulge-please fests." Or as Tchaikovsky simply called them, "Heaven"

Monday, January 29, 2007

And then there Was Richter...

Sviatoslav Richter "Chopin Etude" (the fastest on record btw)

However, Richter was Horowitz's only REAL competition at the time. To Horowitz's advantage, Richter wasn't allowed out of the Soviet Union for fear that he might defect. Horowitz had long since defected before the war and was raising money for troops with an arrangement of Stars and Stripes that would bring the house down.

Horowitz respected Richter and Richter was the only pianist that Horowitz would admit was good, but Richter had a mighty big dollop of jealousy for Horowitz and said that Horowitz played like a Clown.

There rivalry was well known and there were 'camps' who claimed the other was better.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Grilled Chicken Sandwich

McDonalds - C-

Chick fil A - C+
Not quite as Nasty because it's Chick Fil A. Basically bland and boring.

Wendy's - D
Tastes like Leather.

Burger King - F
Even though it's Grilled, I have a feeling that it's a trojan horse for fat.

Sonic - B
Hit and miss. Sometimes it's okay, then there have been times when I have almost yacked.

Whataburger - A
Every single time I have tried it I have almost had a wreck because it is so good. (w/o cheese)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Tune (Partial)

So on the drawing board is a new tune. 'Kyrie' I have decided to use all of those talented students at Rice to help me with recording this project. For free. By the time it is done it may sound nothing like this. But what the hey.

I love the Mass. It is ancient. It is an adoration of our Lord.

Thanks to Kat for the ijigg intro. Pretty stinkin' cool.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get out of Purgatory Free!

Go buy this. There are at least 200 of my church people that read this blog every day or so. This is your pastor's son-in-law. Which means you could win MAJOR purgatory points for you or your loved ones.

P.S. Send me 10,000 dollars.

So this has turned into an interesting discussion on Purgatory so I have amended the post a bit. Please join. Much is being learned and said. Come on in and join the Catholic/Protestant dialogue and learn a thing or two, or maybe teach a thing or two. Here are a few excerpts.

Sussane: "I don't have a problem with any other Christian believing in Purgatory...I'm not offended or anything...I just don't personally believe in it since Scripture doesn't come right out and say anything about it that I'm aware of. Scripture is indeed ambiguous about many things, though, and only God knows everything that happens to our souls after death..."

Doug: "The idea of a final purification before the resurrection is a very ancient one, and orthodox Jews pray for the dead to this day. As Scripture says, "He also took up a collection, man by man, to the amount of two thousand drachmas of silver, and sent it to Jerusalem to provide for a sin offering. In doing this he acted very well and honorably, taking account of the resurrection. *For if he were not expecting that those who had fallen would rise again, it would have been superfluous and foolish to pray for the dead.*" 2 Macc 12:43-44 "

Not toooooooo Shabby

I actually like this drink and I think you should try it. After you try it please send me 10,000 dollars. (Just felt like giving that last part a go.) Amber thinks it tastes like butt. My clever response is of course... "Really? pleeeease. Butt doesn't taste anything like that." Yes, yes, I am a witty, witty man.

So, if you are tired of drinking cherry Robitussen and sprite (red bull), and you enjoy coffee and Coca Cola like moi, give this drink a go. Only 45 calories and its not even a diet drink. I brought it into class today and one of my students said that her dad designed the bottle or works with the guy who designs the bottle... or something. I told her that I could care less and to speak only when spoken to. No, I told her that was cool and that it must be nice to live in a mansion built with the money from a clever coke bottle design.

On a side note: I am really surprised that the church has not started manufacturing its own coffee or energy drinks. One can only imagine the advertising for such a thing. It might even surpass "This blood's for you" in ingenious wordplay.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chance pt. 2

So if you have done any science/religion apologetics at all, you have heard something like the post below or this comment. "If the earth were only such and such closer to the sun then we would burn up, and if we were only such and such farther away we would freeze, another proof of God." Although awe-inspiring, I don't think that is good enough for the mature Christian to build his or her faith upon. I think you just might meet someone who has a few other questions about this "Set-up job by a Perfect and Loving God"

Here is just one of many questions for you to throw around this week that you might hear from an Atheist about this kind of faith/science statement.

"So what about Skin Cancer? For a perfectly positioned planet, that doesn't seem to be that perfect. Ice Ages? Global Warming?"

Chance pt. 1

jcvhuwejjvhj awffjcjuhnih frbjcjdeioehdh pjnjkcjknasipoipds ojhadsfhisdhjuahsdfjhp iouhccxpivjn kjewnbhgucgdsfk kjwfnjikjcuihhdfnn cjidkjdhfuheuhkderjhjjioijk cviouijhnemekkl;sddiovjchn jnsdfjuiisuj iwejnjnkuiocio jasdjnkadsjfjwejiiudjfj kdkjadsfvckjsdfnweiwjfjdnao fnjnjsdodewnjefnoncvnjdfgnhwejn osdvojnck jnsdfweinsjn zxcvdsfjnewfij asvknjnzjxcvijnd bwefivjnbxclvjkasd wbfosnvkdoisdvjwefg ijbncv oiadfkjw gkjnvoiwe jfnbjkncvijl kjasndfkjwe foinsvnihspdh fwpeifhjhjiouhk fjnwpiouhndkjnaiu jfhawekjbn piudhf kljawbn fpiujsdfjha lkfjbawepiuhas dkljaw piuhhv;lsa; ahjpoeuih roiuhyhbvj bkshdf iuheiuhf

Science is working on a way to see beyond the Big Bang. Exciting stuff. Some believe to have found a theory that can actually tell us how things appear out of nothing. Some Atheists are jumping for joy. However, they still can't seem to figure out where the pre-existing laws come from that govern that random event or WHY they are there at all.

The "God of the Gaps" always seems to be one step ahead.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Check This Girl Out.


Pretty breathtaking. Granted, some look a little like paintings you see walking into ... well, you know where, but the girl is 12 and some on the special were painted when she was 9. I think at 9 I mastered Pitfall 2.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meet my Grandpa Earl

Just check out this picture would you. Talk about a mixture of hilarity, awesome-ness, manliness, poop-kickin', John Wayne-ness. They don't make men like this anymore. Mostly because the environment that would make a man like this is long gone. The Depression, WWII, open ranges, prosperous small farmers, 400 pound belt buckles, 30 gallon hats, and the Golden era of country music...

Grandpa History

My grandpa had a knack for business. Some people said he had the Midas touch. At one point he and my dad made the newspapers as owning and operating the most prosperous Dairy Farm, or something like that, in the State of Oklahoma. That all changed of course when Nixon put the freeze on milk prices in the 70's and bankrupt most small dairy-farmers. What a GREAT president Richard Nixon was.

More than a businessman, my Grandpdad was a frustrated artist. He wrote over 200 songs, 4 unpublished books and a myriad of short poems and essays. However, none of this stuff saw the light of day until the 70's when he decided to take the money he had earned and begin to pursue his true passion, music. He cut an EP. He started landing engagements almost instantly and then tragically, within months of the records release, he got Cancer. This ended his music career as soon as it started. He wrote stories and songs up to three to four days from his death.

His music is reminiscent of bygone years of Hank Williams, mixed with the flare of western swing in the 70's. I'm not sure if he would have ever hit it big, but it sure is fun to listen to. Sometimes we all get around the fire at Christmas and sing some of this tune and have a ball. Someday, if I leave my family anything besides a mountain of student loan debt, I hope they have at least one tune of mine that they like to get around the fire and sing.

Click Here and listen to his song "Teasin Lady" (it takes a second or two to start) However, beware. Like the song or not you might be singing the chorus for a few days. From the first notes of the song, it is hard not to smile, laugh your butt off, crack up... One thing is for sure, it is hard to stop listening. Almost a Jimmy Buffet effect. I flippin' love it.


Well they called her teasin' Lady
Teasin' lady of the night
oh yes they all gave her a whirl and tried to change that teasing girl
from wrong to right

But she remained a teasin Lady,
and I guess she always would
well she tried to rearrange her love-life
it just wouldn't change cause teasin's
all she understood... (steel guitar interlude)

Tomlin's Labyrinth

Saw Pan's Labyrinth tonight. Terrific movie. A tad high on the holy-crap-that-was-violent-and-didn't-see-that-coming scale, but it was cool nonetheless. I think he (the director) should have spent a little more time in the fantasy world. She (the little girl... watch the preview) basically showed up, ate a couple of grapes and got chased by what looked like an old man, skinned and eyeball-less. For some reason I just craved more from that world. Not the naked old skinnless man but more of the fantasy stuff. Oh well. All in all, the film was exceptional.

The film aside, I saw and heard something tonight that bothered me. I have been trying to figure out why it bothered me since. There was this preview to the film about an up-and-coming film around the story behind the hymn, Amazing Grace. In the beginning of the trailer we are greeted with none other than the one and only Chris Tomlin singing Amazing Grace.

I can't help but tell you that for some reason, I felt violated. I squirmed in my seat. It was the last thing I thought I would hear that night and to be honest, it was the last thing I wanted to hear. Nothing against Tomlin, it’s just... I can't seem to get away from the guy. I realized that I don't go to the movies anymore so much to escape my woes, but to escape pop-culture-Christianity. Then I realized that I am a small part of that. It just irritated the snot outta me and I can't seem to get over it.

Help me out here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Prayin in the Big House

My pastor has started a Wednesday night prayer meeting. A good ole-fashioned, lets get together, call out prayer requests, prayer meeting. I gotta tell you. I have missed that. It may sound strange that it is such a novelty for a church to have a prayer meeting but in Larger churches, it happens less than you think. Oh, there are prayer groups, prayer classes, prayer in front of church, prayer in pastoral offices, prayer over the phone... But how many times, for those of you in big churches, have you all met for the simple purpose of prayer? Well we did and it was something else.

No big spectacular winds came down from heaven, thrusting us into emotional ecstasy. No one fell over in the isles laughing. There were just honest people, giving thanks and offering prayer for each other. Only one word can come to mind to describe this event.


Every thing just seemed so clear. That, in my opinion is what the Holy Spirit brings. Clarity. I use that word cautiously. It wasn't like I was seeing something I had never seen before, it was more like being with the same people and noticing something that had been there all along. We were people of one faith, one hope, one baptism, one Spirt, one Lord and one Father of all, vulnerable and talking to the Father - together.

I think we forget that Spirit does not equal emotions. Prayer doesn't cause goosebumps. Spiritual things work regardless of our emotions, our stage of life, our ups and downs, it moves regardless if it 'feels' true or not. In the best moments of prayer you are in line with the teaching of the church for the past 2000 years. You find yourself saying something and then reading the same thing in C.S. Lewis three days later.

It is beautiful that the Church is always praying. Somewhere around the world at all times, someone, or some congregation is offering prayers. God asks the body to pray without ceasing and thank God that it is. So we played our little part in that offering the other night.

-Talking to God in a setting and tradition that has been going on without ceasing for the past 2000 years.

Pretty Humbling and powerful stuff.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spirit to Spirit

What is the difference between a Good Work and a Christian act of Charity?

This has always been a hard question for me.


Everyone is capable of doing 'good.' We are born with this capability. God did not abandon us totally. We are bent towards doing things that are not God's intent, i.e. sin, but we are also capable of love, kindness, and all of us have a hard-wired yearning to know God. All of us. This is because we are all made in His Image and ability to know He exists at all is because he put a little of Himself in us. This is actually revelation in simplicity. God knowing himself in us and us knowing Him through Him being in us. God does it all. We just say yes to tapping into that. This is how the Spirit Himself is able to intercede on our behalf for things we do not know that we need. And this alone tells us that we are not totally evil. We are not born Devils from Hell.

So a man, by his own will can do a good work. This work is good because it is still a remnant of the good God had intended for us but it is still different from Christian Charity in that it works primarily in one dimension. Flesh. Again, that is not say flesh is bad. God created it, and chose to inhabit it, and then die for it. To say that flesh is all evil then you are saying God is evil.

So, if a man does a good work for his brother then it is indeed a good work. That work pays the bills and it puts food on the table and the giver and receiver receives a good feeling from those things. -All still in the realm of the flesh.

A Christian Charity works in both worlds. It does all that the flesh work accomplishes while accomplishing things that are also unseen. Sometimes violently. To love someone as you love Christ, as Christ loves, is loving spirit TO spirit. Your Spirit reaches out to their Spirit and feeds them. It is a mysterious and powerful thing. The effect of the monetary gift of goodness may be long lasting; the effect of the gift given in flesh AND spirit through Christ is eternal. This is why we are to love our Enemies. This is why we are to love others as you Love Christ. You are the vessel for Christ Himself to love. And when He loves, He tends to change things.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bite the Dust

So, I was watching a bit of the Exorcist after I left a comment over at Brant's and... it got me thinking...

Sort of one of those, "ultimate fight" questions I guess.

So here goes:

If one of your relatives happen to become the unfortunate host of a ... demon.... who would you call?

1. Bob Larson 2. A Priest 3. Local Pastor 4. Benny Hinn 5. Carman

Who ya gonna call... (if you have someone else not mentioned on this list, then feel free.)

Monday, January 15, 2007


I am tired of criticizing. "Blah blah blah blah. Everybody sucks. Nothing is right. Christian radio this, Christian bookstore that, the Church this the Church that. Blah blah blah blah-didy blah ppthhhhhh." I get so tired of hearing my voice I could puke. "Me me me me me me everybody listen to me. I'm pissed about this, ticked about that. BLAH DIDDY BLAH BLAH BLAH. Jesus wasn't a rich White Protestant and wasn't a Republican... and he didn't drive a fancy car..."

No, I think it is time to stop my carping and soak in some beauty. At least for a day or two.

I think the next time I get tempted to start barking like a little Dishrag pooch about something I am going to go pick up my Bible and read a little bit of Job and remember that I could be sitting in a big pile of ashes covered in boils with a dead family instead of spending my time like Job's friends trying to tell everyone what they are doing wrong and why they should be more like me and think more like me and give me what I want. Awah.

Yeah, I've really got it bad. I have sooooo much to complain about.

Time to watch a movie, throw away my passy and be a little more thankful.

Who's with me??!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Intro for my New Lurkers

There are 4 false statements here. Take a stab at it. (ht: Kat, Brody)

1. My name is Seth.

2. That is not my real name.

3. It is Bicepticus Giganticus Ward. Seth was just easier say and less...Latin.

4. I am an exceptional basketball player when playing the disabled.

5. My favorite place to chow is in front of the tube watching LOTR for the 4000th time. If not there then with my African safari buddies as we all nibble on the liver of some fresh kill.

6. I have six fingers

7. I pick my nose with all but 5 of them

8. I am a dead-eye shot with a rifle. 30 out of 30 every time I shoot skeet.

9. I hate to run

10. My mom was a truck driver stunt woman.

11. I've never licked a spark plug... unfortunately.

12. I can bebox like nobodies business.

13. I have a severe problem with Apple-envy.

14. I have been known to read minds... (You are saying.... bullcrap. Ha! Nailed it.)

15. If I were to inherit a plastic factory I would make a plastic garage, shaped like a nose and the nostrils would be the carports.

16. This is really a picture of me. I am exceptionally glamorous.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nuthin' Broke

Went rummaging through some old songs the other day and found this one. -Only to be heard by those of you that are my blogging pals. I wrote this as sort of a joke after Brokeback Mountain hit the screens. Got a few laughs out of it.

A whole lot of my relatives on my mom's side are Cowboys. They rope cows on the weekend. They own cows. They rope them. They are good at it. Thus, they are really cowboys. Hilarious, smart, witty, Cowboys.

This song is a tribute to them. CLICK HERE AND Enjoy!

"Nuthin' Broke" Words and Music by Seth Ward

Well I’m not a metrosexual
I’m not Yoga flexible
I don’t wear Speedo when I’m walkin’ on the beach

I don’t lay in tanning beds
My body’s white, my neck is red
I like to ride my horse into the sunset

And I like John Wayne and a football game and
Drinkin’ beer after workin’ hard all day
And baby when I see you in that dress I start to shoutin’
Cause there ain’t nothin’ broke about my mountain.

Well I like Hank Williams and a Waylon Jennings too
George Strait, Johnny Cash, Chris Ledoux
And I like the rodeo and a home on the range
I got a big hound dog that I just call “Caine.”

Well I like John Wayne and a football game and
Drinkin’ beer after workin’ hard all day
And baby when I see you in that dress I start to shoutin’
Cause there ain’t nothin’ broke about my mountain.

I got an oscillating fan and I don’t own a suit
That says Gucci, Armani, or Versace on my boots
So if you see those guys from that show on Bravo
You can just tell them where they all can go

Dreaming... mmmmmmmm....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brain Wax

Amber has been to my family's house quite a few times now in our four years of marriage. There was something about this last visit though... I even noticed. We are probably the most ... it's hard to explain. Time sort of becomes this nebulous bother-me-not thing when you enter the Ward cave. The warm fire, twelve people hamming it up, telling stories over each other, singing songs, writing songs, drawing pictures, writing stories, building cabinets, writing sermons, telling stories. Telling more stories. Then there are other things harder to explain... for instance,

"Hey, what time are we going out to eat?"

"Later sometime"


Then you show up "later" to find that someone made a bowl of chili and none of us, are in fact going out to eat any longer. Thats not a bad thing mind you, because the chili is time-for-celebration-good, but many families, do not run this way.

After four years observing the Ward family, Amber has concluded- "your family has right brain oozing out your right ears."

She had to repeat it because I had a big chunk of brain lodged inside my right ear. I wish they made soap for cleaning out brain from your right ear. Lava is a tad painful and it gets kind of gross with Q tips.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Most Shameful

Air Supply. All out of love baby. Thats right. "Makin' looooove outta nothin' at all. (makin' love) outta nothin at all (makin' loove ahhhhhh)"

I used to sing this at the top of my everliving lungs as a young 9 year old and I still do to my wife every time I hear it at the grocery store.

Everybody's got them. Whats yours. I have another. Much, much more shameful. I tell you as soon as I hear some fessing up.

Bad Idea

Learning, teaching, writing, reading, humming or singing anything to do with Music Theory at an early hour is dumb. Period. First and foremost, we are talking about musicians. Musicians are practically vampires. The night provides the vital marrow for all things creative. The morning is our enemy. When the sunlight comes it practically burns us. Some have even been known to hiss at the elusive morning rays as they slither, uninvited, into the cracks of the shades of our peaceful bedroom coves around 6 a.m.

So when the music student, and professor, waddle in to class in the wee hours of the morning, primo-learning or teaching is not something that generally happens. (Without MASSIVE quantities of caffeine.) I am sure that there are those of you that read this blog that rise with the chickens and believe that anyone who gets up past 8 is a sinning sloth even if they only got to sleep at 4 a.m.

On Saturdays my dad used to start mowing the yard at 8:45a.m.-sharp. About 10 minutes into the mowing I would begin to wonder just how many times the mower needed make its way directly past and very close to my window facing the back-yard. I began to imagine that the grass under my window MUST be darn near indestructible. Then suddenly the mower would reach my window and stop moving. Still running but not moving. I would lift my head from my pillow and deliriously peek out my window to find that my dad had mowed well into the middle of the yard but had decided to park the mower, running, underneath my window as he picked up some very 'dangerous-to-mower' sticks and took a sip of tea.

If none of this prompting and mower-hinting worked after 10 minutes or so, the sound of the mower passing my window would be accompanied by a few loud bangs on the window pane. A lovely duet of mower and knuckle-to-window.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Pursuit of ...

I saw Pursuit of Happiness tonight. Had mixed feelings really. There were parts that I REALLY liked but for the most part I found it a bit Darwinian and Godless. That sounded terribly church-lady and I apologize. I felt it nonetheless. "Good" was survival. "Bad" was not surviving. Hope could only be found in the solace of success.

I mean, the man has been thrown out of his apartment, and is taking refuge on the bathroom floor in a subway station... and nary a prayer comes out of his lips? Not that I was looking for the Rosary or something, but throughout the movie there was this strong sense of Deism. i.e. God puts things in motion and doesn't intervene. So if God is there, he could really care less, so why even ask? There was even a church service and a choir singing and somehow they managed not to mention God through the entire song. It was a gospel choir singing about ... pulling yourself up. A preacher preaching about hard times and things getting better if you work hard enough. ????

The one time God IS mentioned in the film is when the little boy tells the Joke about the man stranded on his roof in a storm and two men come in boats to save the man but he tells him he is waiting on God. Not an accidental Joke. The connotations were clear. Even "the pursuit of happiness" is a bit on the Deist side of things. A strong Jeffersonian philosophy ran through the film.

The other beef I had with the film was that the movie could be renamed "The pursuit of Money"

I may be too hard on the flick. What did you think?

In the Footsteps of Will

Most people don’t know this but I am from Oklahoma. I am also part Cherokee Indian. Part of a part of a part Cherokee that is. Great-Great Grandpa on my Mom’s side was a Cherokee Indian Chief. I actually have an Indian Card. Somewhere. If I were to ever get sick I could go down to… one of the towns (???)… in Oklahoma and get free medical care and heck, maybe catch a little gambling on the side while I’m healing-up.

The sunsets in Oklahoma are unique. There is something beautiful and lonesome about them. It always feels like you are going somewhere when you see them. Or maybe it’s that you are just sad to see them go. Of course that could be just me because I am usually driving through Oklahoma and when I see the sunsets, which means I am usually moving and going somewhere. In any case, Tonight’s sunset was especially nice.

The clouds looked like they were being pulled down into the pink and orange horizon by the disappearing sun like a blanket off his bed. Reaching above the burning horizon, the escaping colored clouds washed into the deeper blue heavens. Right between the changing shades of blue, a single star pulsed and peeked, eager to bring in the night and sculpt the Greek gods of old.

On the opposite side of the horizon the full moon was huge. I felt like getting out and howling or something. Maybe an impromptu moon-lit rain dance with me and my squaw Amber.

It was nice.

Trains also sound more lonesome in Oklahoma. If they race by in the opposite direction you are driving, and if you look at something like the aforementioned horizon through their empty carts, it looks a bit like a film reel at half speed.

Small houses also sparsely line the interstate like modern day tepees. Its not that people in Oklahoma do not live in nice houses, it’s just that I think that most native Okies would rather have land. --At least the ones living by the invading highway. Yes, the love of land runs deep in an Okie’s heart. It did in my Great Great Grandpa’s, my Great Grandpa’s, my Grandpa’s, my Dad and now in mine.

So I have decided that some day I want me some land. “Quapapa say uncle Sam givum Chief Sethhorn some big chunk of land so we can buildum big tepee and Casino.”

Interesting tidbit: Did you ever see “Far and Away”? (Good and underrated film btw) Well, my great, great Grandad Van Dee Ward was in that Land Rush. Some of that land stayed in the family until just recently. Most of it was lost in the depression and Dust Bowl.

So Land-lust. It’s in the blood.

These things I pondered tonight as we drifted over the Oklahoma plains in our trust Eddie Bauer Expedition Covered Wagon.

I Suck at This

I played this game at a friends house and was totally humiliated. Smoke on the Water. Toy Guitar. Karaoke-style. I play guitar. I know this song. I taught it to a bunch of 4 graders and they played it in an ensemble to all their parents at a Fine Arts camp at a Baptist Church. I even instructed them to all stand up and do the "Elvis Leg" thing at the end. It got laughs. The parents said "That Seth, he is such a good Guitar teacher."

You would think that I could play this game. I sat in front of a bunch of non-musicians in Oklahoma and try after try, I humiliated myself attempting to score more than a 70 percent... playing Smoke on the Water. "Wah Wah Wah... Wah Wah wawa... Wah Wah Wah... Wah wawa." Yeah that one. The onlooking non-musicians tried to make light of my poor performance by saying things like, "Man, this game really makes you appreciate how hard the guitar is." It took everything in me to NOT tell them that playing this game was ZILCHO like playing the guitar. It is about as much like playing the real guitar as playing Frogger is like driving a car... shaped like a frog, because the only resemblance this game has to real guitar playing is that this plastic baby-toy-thing I am holding and can't seem to tear myself from, is vaguely shaped like a guitar.

I didn't resort to letting that bust-their-bubble-cat out of the bag because later in the hour I went to a higher level on the game and jammed my burning fingers off on "More Than a Feeling" which in turn delivered me from total humiliation.

Pride truly goeth before the fall. Dadgummit.

Thank God for Boston.

and Jelly Bellys

Friday, January 05, 2007

Supersize Me. Now. I Said Now.

I finally got around to watching Supersize Me. Two things happened while watching this documentary.

1. I vowed never to eat at McDonalds Again.

2. I started craving a Big Mac like I HAVE NEVER CRAVED ONE BEFORE.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

No. 1 Sesame Street Favorite Moment

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

The coolest musician alive. I think that kid in the back swinging his head with reckless abandon is the young Shaun Groves.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wake up, Roll Over and Blog.

Thoughts that interrupted my sleep.

Head reeling from 5 Christmas celebrations. Remodeled a room. Kids running around my feet. Kids wanting momma. Endless hours in the car. Liked that part. Got sick. Big time. Still Sick. Hope I can get time to study. Exciting things are happening behind the scenes for our future. Sleepy all the time. Cannot get a good sleep. Finally got a decent snooze last night. Had to take a boatload of pills to get it. I like scrabble now. Played it for the first time keeping score. I also started liking Pug Dogs. Have always thought they were too ugly to pet. Think they are hilarious now. Reading more Thomas Merton. Really like this guy. Redefining church lately... again. Like Merton like I like Lewis. Definitely like him as much or more than Chambers. Started reading Steinbeck again. First chapter of Grapes of Wrath is amazing. Whole book is amazing. Got a new phone. Treo. Love it. Can get Internet on my laptop through bluetooth through my phone. Stop to ponder how amazing that is. Invisible waves running from somewhere to space then down to my phone then into my computer translating massive amounts of information. We can believe in this but can't seem to believe in the power of the unseen God and the movement of God the Holy Spirit. I guess you can scientifically explain these waves though. Or can we? When you get down to the quantum level of everything, nothing is certain or explainable. We are made of almost nothing. If you took one the atoms in your pinkie toe or your shirt sleeve and stretched it out the size of a mountain the center or nucleus would be the size of an eraser the electrons spinning around it a mile out would be so small that yo couldn't see them. They would be spinning around the tiny nucleus near the speed of light and you would hardly know they are there. The rest is all empty space. Your whole body is probably 99 percent empty space. We are literally made of nothing. I wish dogs lived longer. They die much too quickly. I should do Yoga but I still feel sick. Shut the computer off and snooze for another hour. Good morning to all.