Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Link Folks.

Let's link folks. I'll be the first to admit, that as a community blogger, I suck. I've got two incredible thesis to respond to in my comment section (MB and Vitamin Z) and I keep meaning to get there but as soon as the time comes to respond, it evaporates. Dangit! I've even got blogs over there to the right that are no longer in service or are flat-out wrong addresses. (Sorry Joanna!)

So, I'm doing a little update. On any average 2 or three days, I read about 6 blogs pretty regular, sometimes obsessively if I'm bored or procrastinating. (I've got a little O.C.D. and blogging helped me to quit smoking.) But lately, I've discovered a few more blogs that I just gots ta' read. Like Majorsteve's and Amy's, and Joanna's... and superchurchlady's and many, many more. You guys are killing me. You've been a needed break from my Deutsche studies.

A side note: Oh how I can't wait to get back to some music making or novel writing. BTW! Yesterday, I did get a commission from a touring string sextet to write a kick-arse piece for their Aisian tour! That'll be fun, and it will probably be recorded and sold! However, I've got loads of songs bursting to come out and two ideas for novels that are twitching just below the knuckles to leap onto the... what's the word... a.d.d. moment (or little mermaid moment)... keyboard!

Anyways, back to the blog linking business. If you want me to link you, and you don't see the link to the side, holler at me. I've been told recently that I need to beef up my blogging habits. I'm lazy. I said that already.

But part of it isn't laziness. I've just never been in it for the numbers. Plus, it seems like the best blogs are ones that didn't really try that hard and they were just good in the first place. But that's neither here nor there. There are 5 blogs that I read this past week, written by everyday joes, that I think should be the most popular blogs on the internet.

Back on topic Seth, back on topic. You send me your link, I'll send you mine. I like to read. Cause' I like people. I'm like a dog. I like talking to people. I like peeing on things to mark my territory. And I promise, promise, that I'll never hump your leg or sniff your butt. Back on the human side, I also like discussion. I live for it. I've learned a boatload from the regular to irregular contributors here: C-hammer, Mammasboy, Cachinator, Fancypants, Euphrony, Vitamin-Z, R.O., Rob, Bill, Shaun, Brant to name a few... So if I link you, I'll read you.

But I have to do a lot of hunting for others sometimes because of my poor linkage. There are a few blogs that I read that are linked from someone elses blog. I end up clicking to three blogs to get to the one I'm trying to read. Now THAT is lazy. Well, lazy no more. So here's the delio. If you've commented on my blog in the last 6 months, or if you've linked me and I didn't know it, I'm linkin' ya. Period. If you are a lurkin' machine... (my chance to be a hypocrite and guilt you out by insinuating that you are slightly creepy,) then lets link baby!

Point is, I'm honored if you have been reading, not creeped out, all ye lurkers. If you like what I have to say, then I'll probably like what you have to say. But maybe not, because it's fun sometimes to disagree!!!! Shoot, if we didn't disagree sometimes then what a boring bunch of mushrooms we'd be.

CORNY, SAPPY MOMENT ALERT I am really very happy and amazed that you all read this here blog. Thank you for being a part of my day and for your continued encouragement and for sharpening me. God bless us, every one.

So come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and try to link one another right now.

If you wanna drop me an email, go for it:

So who remembers Lincoln Logs?!!!

-Thus Sayeth The Ward

p.s., If you subscribe to my feed, you'll get those posts that I post for 2 minutes and remove because they were either: too mean, to stupid, too embarrassing, revealed something top secret about my marriage, revealed something top secret about my involvement with governmental contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, or my thoughts on whether or not there will be pooping in heaven. Stuff like that.


Popcorn said...

I'm happy to see that I am your first respondee to this linkage invitation. Seth I check your blog three times a day because I know there will be something new to read. Always entertaining and thoroughly thought provoking. I did try to find that post on artists and the evolution of their motives to share with Mr. Popcorn but alas it was gone...anyhoo yours, fancypants, and super church lady's posts spurred me on! So link to popcornspage.blogspot She's a five cent stand fan.

Seth Ward said...

Hi popcorn! Thanks. Will link!

I took that post Fist Full of Dollars down because I was a tad too negative about Seth Godin's blog. Since reading a little more about the guy, I was a little harsh on him. In fact, I think that I don't really agree with what I said about Seth's blog anymore. Regardless, I put that sucker back up, just for you. Also, I saw that a bunch of people had been trying to find it. I was going to re-post after I edited the Seth Godin part but no time. So, it's back up!

Joanna Martens said...

hot dang.

so it does look as if my linkage on your blog is a dudd. see the "http" redundancy.

your blog is BOMB.COM and I read it frequently. so here's incentive (aka PRESSURE) to post regularly.

OH! btw you need to finish your HAY-mazing novel so we'all can read it's deliciousness.

Vitamin Z said...


If you do respond to that comment (don't feel like you have to) please email it to me cause I don't if i'll remember to go through my RSS reader and find it.

hope you are well.


MamasBoy said...


I'm with Vit. Z, please, link or e-mail or something if you respond. I'm not sure what you are referring to, let alone have any idea where to find it. If you've waited this long to respond, you must be putting together a good one that I would hate to miss reading (and learning from).


Seth Ward said...

Vitamin and MB, will do. I'm going to get to those. An important discussion and on that I have very strong feelings about. I have enjoyed your thoughts and can't wait to get back into it.

Joanna, the novel is finished. And things are... in the workings. No jinx. no jinx. no jinx.

nancy said...

I find your blog to be both amusing and informative. Sometimes I don't understand a word you say, especially when you are talking composers, etc...but I still read. It is always a joy to see Five Cent Stand updated on my reader list.

FancyPants said...

You are 100% weird and 100% hilarious.

majorsteve said...

Seth I really enjoy reading your blog every day. Your posts make me laugh, make me think and inform me. I especially like your movie reviews. You remind me a lot of myself, except you're younger, and smarter and funnier and more talented and are a better Christian and have more hair. Other than that we're a lot alike.

Feel free to link my PG-rated blog:

Super Churchlady said...

Wow! I was just thinking today that you and majorsteve ARE a lot alike!! You both make me laugh out loud.

Amy said...

Yes, you know I read your blog regularly but for some reason hadn't linked to you yet. I'd be delighted if you'd link to me. :) and of course I'm off to fix that oversight now.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks Nancy! Believe it or not, I like to hear those kinds of comments (composer stuff.)

Majorsteve, Thanks for those incredibly encouraging words. I seriously doubt all that other stuff. You sir, are a big-brained man. I wish I could review movies all day. Superchurchlady tells me you are quite the artist! When does the world get to see some of your stuff?

Amy, all will be linked by midnight tomorrow night! Just waiting and will do all at once. (Gathering other anon linkers from technorat...) Flattered that you read my scribbles, and I've been enjoying yours too!

Fancy, the reason you said, yes! Oh, and it takes one to know one.

Jeff McQ said...

A few days late due to being out of pocket for Valentine's week...but I read your blog often and enjoy what you have to say. Also a musician.

I'd love to trade links. Take a look at my blog and tell me whatcha think.

Kelly said...

Hallo Seth, well, I did finish my 19 page on Principles of Environmental Health, thank God! Now, I am catching up on your words...I definitely agree with Fancypants [by the way, Fancypants, I hope it is okay that I will be adding you in a few---if so, thanks in advance!], "You are 100% weird and 100% hilarious." I too enjoy your writes. For crying out loud, keep o' writing!!

By the way, I, your behest sister in Christ, would like to request linked. Indeed, I currently have a "lack of blog entry" syndrome, but do promise that I keep a regular inkling on my paper journal...oh wells, room for improvement...all in all, thank you for writing for it is very pragmatic yet thought provoking. --Cheers!

ps: here is my link if not too late:

Rob said...

Link me man! I read often but can't generally comment (oppressive IT at work).

Rob (aka godthots)