Friday, February 08, 2008

City Sketches: Skyrockets In Flight

I just ate, no, devoured, no, stuffed my salivating kisser with the best lunch I've had in weeks: An extra long hot dog, slathered with spicy sauce and spicy mustard, all made with the tender care of Aziz, the vendor chef on the corner of Broadway and 69th.

I had just left the Barnes and Noble to study for the retake of the German Exam that I bombed by 10%, when the sizzling chicken and lamb called to me like fattening sirens. My whole body convulsed and surged towards the two men shoveling the glimmering meat and onions upon warm disks of pita bread. I reached the two appetite-pimps quickly and the order for the Pita and Chicken left my mouth in a mumbling trance. Then, I saw them: Four hot dogs, warming on a side burner, crying for a bun. "Stop that pita order pilgrim,” said I. "Give me one of those Hot Dogs before I start to cry."

A block later, hot dog half devoured, I stepped into one of the local corner Krusty Marts, and perused the drinks for the perfect counterpoint to the hot dog melody that was enrapturing my senses. (Cue John Denver "You Fill Up My Senses...") Feeling a tad guilty, I reached for the grape juice... (some sort of Baptist-Boy freudian thing there, no doubt) then I saw it. One of those old-timey, glass coke bottles. You know the ones that look like they were somehow transported from Floyd's barber shop on the Andy Griffith Show?

The dancing, digesting hot dog within me rumbled, "Take and drink... you fool!" So I did. And it was good. (Pausing my typing for another swig...) "Ahhhhhhhhhh."

As for now, (belch) I'm ridn' the rush. I'm surfing the sugar-starch wave. I'm seeing in Technicolor little chiren. And I'm spending it all on you, dear friend. Because I know very soon, I'll be stricken with a strange and irresistible urge to take a nap, or throw up. So let my words be few... readers, this here blog, it buds for you.

What's your guilty pleasure?


Kristin said...

I've never had a hot dog from a hot dog cart, sounds good, and fun.

I think my guilty pleasure always involves Chocolate, anything chocolate, but I usually don't feel that guilty.

Seth Ward said...

It is fun!

As for the chocolate, I think you Amber would be best buds. Neither does she. (feel guilty)

Health update: Feeling tires, I mean, tired. Well, I guess tires too, spare tire that is. Heartburn starting. Couch calling. Eyes drooping. Having trouble concentrating.

All still worth it.

majorsteve said...

Afternoon delight huh? My heart burns just thinking about it.

TWO different spicy sauces? Are you kiddin' me? You livin' on the edge dude.

Son, son need to ease up just a little bit. Think about all those who love you. You got your hole life in front of you. You're way too young to waste your life on cheapass-crackfood! Get some help soon, fooh!

MamasBoy said...

"I just ate, no, devoured, no, stuffed my salivating kisser with the best lunch I've had in weeks: An extra long hot dog..."

Maybe it is just me, but the eagerness with which you stuffed your salivating kisser sounds remarkably similar to the choke cracker episode. I hope you have laminated instructions on how to conduct the Heimlich maneuver in your pocket these days.


Seth Ward said...

Majorsteve, point taken. I 'bout keeled over tonight. I get a little queazy typing about it.

MB, I think you're on to something there, brother.

Chaotic Hammer said...

What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching Ninja Warrior on G4.

"Look Ma, no heartburn!"

Susanne said...

That sounds so yummy! And I LOVE those Cokes in the glass bottles. We're looking forward to you guys visiting S. Land soon!! The piano at WTBC is calling your name. :)

Seth Ward said...


It was good. But, it put the hurt on me pretty good for the rest of the night. I doubt I'll be doing that again anytime soon.

Can't wait to see you guys either!