Thursday, February 21, 2008


For the next week or so, the blogging might be scant... like that sorry excuse for a post that I slapped up there yesterday and didn't have the common decency to back the photo up to the last > of the rocket picture.

We are in Houston now and we are already having a heck of a time with our friends. I've got this German test coming up and I also have to finish producing a record for my good friend Carey. So, for the next week or so, you will be seeing either the shortest, or the most bizarre (lame) posts yet, or maybe short, pointless vignettes from my childhood.

I don't know... something. I gotta write something every day. It is a rule. I shall not break it.

Do you guys have creative rules that you follow every day? I have to create something every day or I seriously get depressed. Even if it is the literary equivalent of whittling a small, wormy stick like this post. Just something.

Hope you enjoy the picture.


Joanna Martens said...

dang it! i'm addicted to your blog. I guess this means to begin weaning off it...

as long as you write "something" everyday, or every other day, i just might not go insane.




majorsteve said...

That's what I'm talking about.

Rob said...

Wow, is that really you in the picture? NYC has been good to you it seems! Too much of that yummy chili getting under the big gold cross?

Kelly said...

I actually make sure I enter something of thanksgiving to God, etc. in my journal everyday even if it's just a one-liner...