Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Monday Poem: there is no cake

There may come a day
when Einstein's E=mc2
is synonymous with "the world is flat,"
and thrown by the wayside
like a bad recipe for a sinking wedding cake: “too much salt,

(Besides, you’ll soon find that there is no cake
and there's no such thing as a wedding
or its feast, only mostly



and every other finite revelation of math will follow suite,
forever set in a constant confederacy to usurp the existing gods -
cloaked in their splendorous quadratic robes -
until we reach that blessed shore of true human enlightenment,
The Great Ocean of ONE Blessed Light.

“At last,
having travailed the never-ending jagged mountains of trial and observation,
our weary feet will be healed in its warm sands and foaming crests!”

the sun parts the clouded firmament
we open our arms wide to bathe in the new and final truth to our journey;
so many have died to bring us here;
Now, the solstice of human doubt has ended
the equinox of pure knowledge has come.

And we see it,
Yes! Forever Yes! It all makes sense!
All this way to lastly and firstly find
that ultimate truth:
And here it is,
the world is:
and profoundly