Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thumb on OFF-Button; push, Ahhhhh.

I'm done. Done-ola. Finissimo. No more.

I had typed a big, long, nasty blog about the Obiased press, but you know what? Fuggedaboutit. I was going to title it, "Journalism is Dead, and on the Third Day, Obama Arose." It was full of stuff about how the media is supposed to present both sides of the argument, and they aren't. It was full of all kinds of negative stuff and griping and complaining. But, in the words of the one-term-wonder, George Bush Sr., "not gonna do it."

If the media is in love with Obama, then there's nothing I can do about it but stop watching the Journalistic PDA. It's depressing because now I can't trust Obama. I'm only getting the techni-color version. It is a sad, sad day when the channel that is giving the most fair and un-biased reporting is FOX news. I fear the space-time continuum is near the breaking point.

However, there was one glimmer of hope today on the news... Obama called a press conference discussing national security, conspicuously close to Biden's amazing statements about "Obama being tested." The session was decorated with everything but the presidential seal. He was backdropped by a line of old Democrats and two, perfectly starched flags instead of Greek Pillars.

After Obama opened the conference, looking presidential, the press were allowed to ask questions. Now, I fully expected ALL of them to super-glue their lips to his butt, but... wonder of all wonders.... they did not. Obama got a taste of what the press actually is: A fickle, fickle, female-dog-in-heat. One minute they love your smelly poo-breath and the next they are stirring the boiling tar for which to cook you.

The first question went like this: "Yes, Senator, don't you think this press conference comes awfully close to remarks that Biden made? Are you worried about perceptions of your ability to handle a crisis since you've never served a military day, and you've never held an executive position?"

I about fell over. Barack was visibly annoyed. He answered that "it would be hard to get all these people together in two days for that." Uh huh. Methinks a wallet fat with a fresh 150 mill. can cover a multitude of sins, and/or Biden blunders, not to mention buy a few thousand plane tickets to the moon if he wanted.

Then came the next question, a similar question. Barack answered again, this time he decided it was time to tie it all back to the economy and calling McCain, Bush, even though it was supposed to be a press conference discussing his ability to govern militarily.

Bottom line: The press wasn't falling for it and kept up the Biden questions. Finally Barack was forced to say that Biden has a tendency to go into these verbal "flourishes." He was visibly annoyed, and ended the supposed-to-appear-presidential press conference looking more pee-ode than I've seen him... ever.

So friends and neighbors, I'm satisfied. At least I know that the press is as equally vicious as they've always been, and even though the media has been nothing short of a Barack Obama TBN, equipped with their own Obamaevangelists that resemble Robert Tilton, maybe they are seeing the light and realizing their valuable duty as protected by the constitution: Ask the tough questions, and get to the truth and report it.

After all, guys, you're all we've got.

Second and most important reason for stopping the politico talk: It's ruining my sweet-tea experience. Yes, once anything has pushed me over the edge to where I can't even enjoy a glass of sweet tea, Houston, we've got a problemo.

So, I've brewed a new batch, sweetened it to perfection and I've shut the talking BaCrack-box O-F-F.



Tully said...

A big fat AMEN to that! I started watching McCain on the Situation Room and had to do the exact same thing...I already know who I'm going to vote for, so there is no point in prolonging the agony of watching anymore election nonsense!

Chaotic Hammer said...

I voted early. Game over.

Susanne said...

I agree, except substitute my Diet Mt. Dew for your sweet tea. I got a big laugh out of the media blasting Palin for spending $150,000 on her campaign wardrobe. First of all, she's the only candidate on either ticket who isn't independently wealthy. Secondly, I never heard a single reporter slam Hillary for spending too much on her clothing. Double standard indeed. I think the message is this: If you're a matronly-looking female Democrat candidate, you are intelligent and ready to lead. If you are a female Republican candidate who happens to be easy-on-the-eyes, then you are a "Barbie" and a moron who cannot be expected to lead. So much for women making progress in this country.

I need to avoid politics and enjoy the non-miserable things in life, because there are too many wonderful things going on to worry about this mess. I'm off to watch something other than the news, enjoy my favorite soft drink of all time, and cuddle with my babies. :)

Fork said...

I spent fifty bucks on a game that promised to scare the bejeeziz out of me. My Halloween has been ABsolutely RUIned by this friggin election!


euphrony said...

I've seen that "V for Vendetta" has been on TV about a dozen times in the last week or two. While, on one hand, it could be taken as a bash at the Bush GOP using fear to influence/control the populace, there is another take. It's also about a charismatic leader who road a wave of popular press to power and then went completely wacky.

Good thing we don't have any charismatic, press-loved leaders reaching for the White House right now.

Tully said...

Except Hillary used her own money and Palin is using GOP money (possibly tax payer donations) - not to mention that spending money on Prada isn't exactly "folksy"...but whatever... ;)

Seth Ward said...

Oh, now... If she wore cheap crap, everbody would be taking stabs at her taste. It's no secret here that she's just turned into a puncing bag and this is latest of a myriad of distraction/smears.

Plus, she's got people buying that crap for her. It's not like she's going on a shopping spree with the ROP credit card. Last time I checked, when she shopped for herself, by herself, the last place she went was a Wal-Mart. This is all getting so stupid. Stick to the issues, media. What is worse Obama paying 20 million dollars for a spot on t.v., to better his public image (good film production costs big bucks. Could have done it at home on is imac,) or the ROP spending money to buy designer clothes for Sarah Palin sho she'll look good? (Keeping in mind the woman just had a kid and she's on tv - every single day. She pretty much had to have a new wardrobe. Not that I'm advocating that kind of spree... but I'm simply saying that it doesn't take a dummy to realize that the media has shifted their focus from McCain and his experience to Sarah and her wardrobe.)

Excessive? Maybe, but what isn't in a campaign? Worth hour upon hour upon hour of coverage, two weeks before election? Don't think so. I wish the media would give the Aires stuff at least as much credence or investigation as Palin's wardrobe. But what do we get? A real headline: "Aires more of a professor than a Terrorist." What the hell? What if the headline would have read, "Aires more of a Professor than a Serial Killer."

I think that someday the media is going to look back on the coverage of this campain and hide from shame. I don't mind going after Palin or McCain, just go after the other guy as well.

Here I go again... getting all wound up over the media. I've half a mind to make a sign and stand outside of the NBC building a few blocks down. Chris usually does his reports in front of the open window... nah.

Tully said...

No, that’s fair. I do agree that it’s all getting stupid…just trying to point out the distinction between Hillary and Sarah in the context of this topic!

I honestly didn’t even care about her stupid wardrobe or who paid for it…I think it’s an irrelevant issue when there are so many other things going on. I’m more concerned about some of the stuff she says and what her positions are than whether or not she is pimped out in Prada.

The bottom line is that I think by this point we all know who we are going to vote for and no amount of additional discourse is going to change anyone’s mind. We can dissect the two tickets’ words, clothes, relationships, bowel movements, etc. all day long and never see eye to eye. Some have failed to disagree without being disagreeable and at this point can we all just agree to disagree and move on… ;)

Can’t we all just get along! :)

Seth Ward said...

Honestly, I wasn't really thinking about the Hillary comment... I try not to think about Hillary these days... :-)

Whatever the case, point taken. Fair enough!

Susanne said...

I'm with ya...they need to move past this clothing issue. When I mentioned Hillary, I was just reminding everyone that she's written books (she and Bill) and has made millions of dollars, so it doesn't affect her budget in the least when she spends her own money on clothes. And Hillary wears some nice stuff too. People need to think about all of the perks they get through their jobs. If your employer pays for you gas as you drive around town or on trips, then why shouldn't the GOP pay for at least some of Palin's clothes since she's not a millionaire (at least, as far as I know). I'm done now. Going to bed to dream of an election-less world. :)

Tully said...

...and besides, Hillary is probably just jealous because Sarah actually has ankles...I mean seriously, how many matchy-matchy pant-suits does the woman have (can you tell I'm not a big fan of Hillary). ;)

Aspiring Girl said...

you need to bring back more movie reviews. those are great.

Bob said...

Well, if you decide not to tune out on politics, I'm collecting tough questions. If you could think of a really tough question to ask of any candidate, it would be appreciated at

Seth Ward said...


I would love nothing better than to watch movies and review them all day! Hopefully, after the first of the year, I'll have more cash to spend on these pricey movie tickets here in NYC.

11 bucks a pop! Sheesh!