Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor Joe

Joe the plumber. Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber.

Hey, I heard that if you say Joe the Plumber 50 times in the mirror you'll see Barack Obama's face! Say it a hundred times you'll see McCain's face. If you put on a wig and drink a bunch, you just might see Sarah Palin.

This poor man. Thank the Lord it wasn't Joe the Proctologist, or Joe the underarm-deodorant-tester. The fact is, that all the foo-foo-fa-fa guffawing media is acting like being a plumber is some funny profession, when it is not. My grandfather had a successful plumbing business and though most of the time you associate plumbing with the crapper, that makes up about 5% of what plumbing entails. (However a well-functioning crapper is a daily must.) Let's just say that if it weren't for the plumber, we'd all be stinking, thirsty, and dropping the kids off in the wooden out-house instead of in our candle-scented granite-tiled bathrooms. We would also fry if a fire broke out in our building. So there.

Second, I heard this poor man, because he is picking up steam for the McCain camp, is being investigated by the media for any tax evasions. What in the h-e- double-hockey-sticks is up the media's rump? Know they no decency? I am so sick and tired of the Media-Obama love affair I could just puke. First off, I'm not an Obama hater. Many of my southern friends are, but I'm not. There. Also, I'm not a McCain "lover." I think he's alright, and the better of the two, (right now) but I've always said that I felt that underneath that flashy grin is a Ross Perot waiting to play Morris Code with the nuke button.

As for Joe... For crying out loud though, just leave the man alone. He didn't ask for this. He was just minding his own business when Barack came a' knockin'. Leave the man alone. Go bother my buddy, Joey, the unemployed violinist. I can't imagine a person who would like to have his name called out on national television 1000 times a day more than Joey.


Super Churchlady said...

Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey........LMAO.

Susanne said...

True dat.

Stephen said...

The funny thing is that Joe the Plumber's name isn't Joe.

Fork said...

I'm going to legally change my name to "Joe the Plumber" so people will fight over ME.

Seth Ward said...

Hey, forky, I'm sure if either candidate met you, they'd at least arm wrestle for your favor.

Tully said...

Ok, now THAT was funny!