Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really, Oliver???

"W." A film by Oliver Stone

I'm thinking it's a bit too soon for this one, huh? It's kinda like grandma talking about her gynecologist appointment as we are putting our napkins in our laps for dinner. How bout one on Clinton, for crying out loud? At least its been a few years. W's not even out of the oval office yet. Sheesh. However, I sorta still wanna see it.

Btw, if you want to see a GREAT documentary, see "Frontline: Bush's War." You can download it on iTunes. I know, I know. It sounds all liberal and stuff, but it is not. It is a cool-headed inside look at the real puppeteers behind the Iraq war. It interviews the real people: Colin Powell and Condy Rice to name a few. People who were and are there. I was blown away when at the end they didn't make Bush out to be the evil instigator on this. He was probably just too unsure of himself and trusted too much and too quickly in warmongering men.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar thought about W. Have never heard of the other one...we might just need to get that one. thanks for the suggestion

Chaotic Hammer said...

I think part of the reason he's doing it now is that in five years, nobody will care about George W. Bush any more, except to invoke his name periodically as the cause of [insert bad thing happening in year 2013 here].

Today, Bush is openly and unashamedly hated by many people (including some Christians), and as long as he's in power he gets to be blamed as the universal Satan that is the cause of Everything Wrong in America and the world. He causes hurricanes. He doesn't care about black people. He wages war around the world just like Hitler did. He has turned the federal government into a Nazi regime. He doesn't make sure that every American has a good paying job and health care. He makes babies cry. He's evil, evil, evil.

I have no idea what sort of spin Stone will put on Bush's life. He typically goes with a kooky conspiracy version of things, or something outrageous and controversial just to get people's attention. It's hard to tell much from the trailers.

If Stone really wanted to be outrageous and controversial, and go completely against the grain of popular culture, he'd portray Bush as a wonderful human being who is caring and compassionate, and whose critics have wrongly developed a blind rage against him just because he's an easy target and a natural lightning rod for criticism. Now that would be crazy.

Seth Ward said...

Kate, any time!

C-hammer. Yes, Bush is the favorite Judas of the day. I'm thinkin' Stone would get stoned if he went that route.

portorikan said...

yeah, a bit early. Maybe it's all some crazy conspiracy. Paint a horrible picture of Bush and have the movie come out right before the elections to help boost the Obama camp.

For some reason, you'd think they were running against Bush again by the way they keep talking about him. Maybe the plan is to plan into the minds of voters that McCain is Bush 2.0 and this movie will help keep that thought process.

Or, after Bush is out no one will care about him, so make the money now.

Amy said...

way too soon.