Friday, September 05, 2008

And So It Shall Be

Finally, from the ashes of failed ruling men, tired of watching the big boys turn the world into a idiotic war-zone... arises...

The Soccer (hockey) Mom.

We knew it would happen. Same thing happened to us guys when we couldn't get along while growing up. Mom steps in, grabs an handful of ear and hair, and creates peace, sanity, and order.

And the Soccer (Hockey Mom) shall rule the earth. Looks like the Republican party has finally caught up with CCM radio.

She's got my vote. Just saw the footage of Sarah firing off a rifle. I hate to say it, but something about that was slightly awesome, possibly even a little, dare I say it?

While we are talking about mothers... One of the earliest memories of my mother: I was probably 5 years old. We were walking back to the house from the river. Between the wooded river bank and our house was a semi-wooded pasture area. As my mother and I walked, three or four heifers and steers appeared from nowhere and began charging us. Now, I know cows don't sound very scary, but just try getting charged by one, let alone three to five.

My mother picked up a big stick, grabbed me by the shoulder, put me behind her and every time a cow charged she would yell and take a whack at the cow's forehead. She was like some viking warrior-mom of old. It was awesome. It wasn't to me at the time though; I think I peed my pants.

Anyways, after the 5th or sixth charge, the cows gave up.

I have never been so scared my whole life. I'm still to this day a tad wary of cows. My mother barely mentioned it to my dad when we returned home. All in a days work for a country-girl-preacher's-wife/mother.


Susanne said...

Your Mom sounds like the coolest! :)

Chaotic Hammer said...

That's awesome. You won't hear me making fun of you about the cow fear thing. When I lived near Brenham, Texas on 120 acres, the landlord had about 75 head of cattle, and I was out walking one day and apparently got too close to a couple of them. They started charging me and acting aggressively, and were not at all scared by my attempts to look threatening to them. I ended up hightailing it out of there.