Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the future First Woman President. I have started this first sentence over 5 times. There are so many things about this whole situation baffling me. I'm just going to start spouting them off.

Palin THE FIRST WOMAN eeeeeEEEEEEEVER (or, who eeeeeEEEEEVER had a chance) nominated for the VP in HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY and what is the media doing????? (recently corrected by Vitamin Z, Geraldine Ferraro first woman to run for VP. Sadly forgotten by moi, and the rest of the world by the wallop her and Mondale got from Regan. So a modifer is in the parenthesis before this parenthesis.) They are somehow criticizing this woman for not being an attentive mother????? Does ANYONE not see even the slightest HINT of hypocrisy in this claim??? Is the right to be nominated as a woman only allowed to over-the-top liberal crocadile-tear producing x-first ladies??? Are fathers just some sort of meat-sack that shovels food into mouths? Has this question EVER been asked of a single male???

I tell you what I like about Palin. Besides the fact that she can skin a moose, and I can't. She is all woman. That's right. Yes, it's true, she's got some metaphorical balls, and I wouldn't want to trade punches with her, but she also has grace, charm, and wit. She is darn close to being the American version of Margeret Thatcher. She is like Hemingway's dream-woman. She stands up to the bullies by serving them a stout "up-yours" drink with a slice of wit sluicing the cup's rim. She is also a mother. Not only is she a mother but she is an advocate for motherhood. She honors her husband, but you better believe that she'd throw his ass out on his ear if she ever caught him shopping for cigars with another gal.

I think the Lib media hates here because they cannot find the proper angle for which to attack her. It is easy to attack a man about any pro-life stance he might take, but it be damn hard to attack a woman who has popped out 5 kids and refused to abort number 5 because it was going to be a child with special needs. Not only did she choose to keep the baby, she said she would be an advocate for the weak. How dare the media attack her on her pro-life stance and turn around and tell her that she isn't being a good enough mother to her special needs baby. They are the bastards that thought she should have killed the poor little tike before it could be mothered.

I'm even flabbergasted at the WOMEN in the media!!! I think it is because she just isn't their sort. The women in media are used to rising to the top by playing slime-ball right along with the big boys and somehow slithering by them and slicing their throat in the night, to even out the odds. Palin is different. She rose to the top by out-pitching the big boys. She grew up in a state where women are outnumbered by men 2-1 and she learned that to beat the boys, you just gotta outrun, out-punch and out-shoot them. She beat them fair and square.

Now, I have not doubt that McCain picked her strategically, but I also think McCain was just being McCain. He saw a great running mate, no, the BEST running mate for our Country right now, and, well, ran with her.

For crying out loud, the least we can do, as a country is take a moment, and revel in this historical moment.

Palin has won my vote in the past week. Obama the Lord (as my friend Forky calls him) needs a little more seasoning, not to mention a lesson in the concrete.

Here is some of her speech from last night, if you missed it.


Jeff McQ said...

Dude...Amen. :)

As my wife and I watched the speech last night, we really felt like we were looking, not at just a VP pick, but at the future first female president of the US.

She talked strong and straight without stooping to give any credibility to the media that is already trying to destroy her.

Vitamin Z said...

I say Amen as well. Good thoughts here Mr. Ward.


Becky said...

Wow, what a great speech. It's refreshing to hear someone so straightforward and non-politician-y.

Vitamin Z said...


I think you forgot about Geraldine Ferraro though... 84?


Seth Ward said...

After reading several conservative lady-blogs...

I have come to the conclusion that there is a good bit of jealously going on there.

Are there that many stay-at-home moms out there who resent this (Christian) woman's passion for leadership?

Has anyone seen Beth Moore's Wikipedia bio lately?

Sounds strikingly similar to Palin's. (Sub bible stuff for civil servant.)

Chaotic Hammer said...

Yeah, I've decided I like Sarah Palin, too. She's a radical departure from the status quo.

Obama has been touting himself as the candidate of change, but for his veep he picked a life-long Washington partisan, who is the epitome of a "career politician".

It seems like it's been a long time since a genuine citizen statesman was in a position of power in this country. The people in Washington seem to quickly forget what life was like where they came from. The Founders envisioned "ordinary" folks stepping into these offices for a period of time to serve, then returning to their lives when their time was up. Obviously we went terribly astray from that concept somewhere along the way.

Seth Ward said...

Well said everyone!

C-ham, right on brother. I think you crystalized what all I was trying to say but couldn't in a blog!

Susanne said...

WOW!!! I can't say enough great things about this lady. I'm SO glad that McCain picked her...not just because she's a woman, but because after her speech last night, I'm convinced she's who this country needs. I predict that she will be the first woman president of the U.S.! I got mad at the media when I first started hearing their jabs at Palin, but now I hope they keep at it. The more negative things the liberal media says about Sarah Palin, the higher the poll numbers go for the Republican ticket. People are sick of our media (except for Fox News, of course), and the election results in November will show it.

I also can't believe so many liberals are calling Palin a bad mother...acting like she should just stay home and be a mom. They never said anything remotely like that when Hillary was on the campaign trail. Here's what the Democrats think:

If you're a female liberal Democrat, then you should have babies but go into the work force and never look back. You should be able to have it, family, power.
However, if you're a female conservative Republican, then you should stay home at all times with your children and never have a successful career (I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I'm not saying that's a bad thing! It happens to be the right choice for me).

What kind of logic is that???!!! At least Palin has a supportive husband who helps out at home. I doubt Hillary had that.


MamasBoy said...

The reaction to Palin has been really interesting. The ABQ Journal paper ran an article on the front page where a female reporter basically said that if Palin was qualified, so was she... and if she needed further qualification, she could adopt a few kids and give them oddball names.

The editor thought that was front page material?


You can bet a man would never have gotten away with writing the article.


This Southern Belle said...

"The women in media are used to rising to the top by playing slime-ball right along with the big boys and somehow slithering by them and slicing their throat in the night, to even out the odds."

This had me actually laughing at out loud. . .at 5:45 am.

Also, I have to admit that I secretly wondered if I could support a female candidate who made the decision to run for VP with her special needs infant and pregnant teenager. A decision that would likely pull her further away from her family.

After hearing her speak, though, I know that she clearly has a gift from God, and shame on me for closed-mindedly judging her for what seems like her using her gift.

I'm proud to have her represent me as the first (serious) female candidate for VP!

Seth Ward said...

Technically, she is the first republican female VP nomination. So I was half right!

Mommas boy, I read the article and mailed her a letter...

She responded.

Kelly said...

Wow Seth, truly great you are back and now I have to catch up! God bless you and God bless America.