Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not a bad day...

I can't believe how flabbergastingly beautiful it is here in NYC. I know what some of you are thinking. "Oh shut up you typical NYC-braggart." But I just can't help it. It is so beautiful that I almost skipped down the street today. Then I realized just how gay that would look (not that there's anything wrooong with that,) and settled for whistling.

Today's chores included:

Getting up at 7-ish and walking my heck-of-a wife to the subway. I took the long way home around Columbus Circle and by Central Park.

Stopped to pick up a NY Times from a street vendor.

Went home and sat on my deck and read said NY times under the baby-blue sky and in the soft, cool breeze.

Drank coffee.

Researched Literary agents.

Drank more coffee.

Worked on dissertation.

Responded to Superchurchlady's fun blog.

Made an omelet.

Gobbled down the omelet.

Read 20 or so pages of the Sound and the Fury. (It's growing on me, finally. 9000th attempt at reading it.)

Called future employer. (Hopefully...)

Life was rough today. (Famous last words.)

Life is full of different moments. Some suck and some are heavenly. Some are tiresome (getting evicted and moving 3 times in 3 months) and leave you feeling like crap (or smelling crap, see post about poo-tub) and some make you want to go hand-gliding, or skipping. Sometimes it seems that just when everything is going great, you get a big kick in the crotch.

Today, the crotch wasn't bothered and there was no poo-tub. It was only coffee, omelets, NY times, and blue skies. When you have have those kind of days, you just gotta shout about them.

Therefore, I shout. Thank you Lord for this good day!

The trick is to somehow be thankful during the crotch-kicks too. I'm still learning that art of that, and have a looooong way to go. They are really painful. But I think it was Jesus that said, "in this world, you will have crotch-kicks, but my peace I leave you." -The Message Bible.

Seriously, I hope everyone reading this here blog experiences one or two of those days this week, despite of your circumstances.

Peace love and joy, people. Feel it. Own it. Claim it!

I'd like to teach the world to sing... a perfect harmony.... (Quick, music trivia. Who wrote that jingle?)


cool dad said...

Hey Seth - just emailed you through fivecentstand.com. I hope that you get those emails and not a colleague of yours who is sure to be confused who in blazes this 'cool dad' is.

Joanna Martens said...

rigoleto? I don't know. Hey- so what's the scoop on your novel?

Seth Ward said...

Hey Joanna!

Yeah, on publisher passed, stating that she didn't think I had a platform. (Platform meaning: I'm already not famous somehow... therefore ensuring big sales.) I'm still waiting on the other editor. The book world is a sloooooooooow moving thing. Sometimes it moves fast, but most times... is a snoozer.

Thanks for asking!