Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beat the Movie Mafia

Tell your wife to get out the big purse. Drop by Kroger and snag the 1-dollar bag of Milk Duds. Grab a couple of bottles of Coke from the Kroger handy fridge while you are at it. Grand total so far: 3 Dollars. Then go home and pop a bag of Kettle Corn. Put it in a couple of Ziploc Bags. VOILA!

You've saved yourself darn near 20 dollars off a 4-dollar investment. AND you have the pleasure of smirking at the Crooks running the concession stand as you pass by. (Plus you feel a little sneaky)

Now some of you here are like..."Duh" But for some of you that are pure as the driven snow and wouldn't ever think of ways to beat that little highway robbery thing they've got going on there, hopefully these tips will save a buck or two.

I love movies and the more money you have, the more movies you see.

Any other good techniques?


Seth Ward said...

The reeeeeeal question here is...

Do you think this is ethical?

You know I could be setting up a big trap for you super-christians....

Douglas said...

My mom used to sneak snacks into the theater when I was a kid. We got into a nice little argument about it once when I was a teenager and knew more than her.

Other techniques? I'm not sure what on, but here is one my wife and I use to enjoy a movie and a snack at a reasonable cost. We wait until the movie comes out in the dollar theater and every other time we go we use the money we save on tickets to buy some snacks.

I read a newspaper article back when I was a genius teenager that said theaters pay so much for the actual film that the profit they make is attributable to snack purchases. I only read it once, and newspaper journalists often don't get things quite right. However, it made sense to me, given the profit per ticket sale that the average theater chain makes.

That said, I agree that the snack prices are outrageous. It makes going to the library to check out a DVD and curl up under a blanket with home-popped popcorn all the more attractive. Also, I suppose it's easier for me to be "ethical" now that I've graduated and have a job.


Seth Ward said...

Doug, how dare you be so Christian. Dollar movie???? you must live in a safe town. The dollar movie here is where people sell drugs. Yeah its cheaper but you might find your car stripped when you come back out and your wallet lifted. (has happened to me at a theater.)

I'm torn about these things. It seems to be the same kind of dilema as "should you tip sonic people?'

I have also been known to order water at chilis and bring a little baggie of my own instant tea. saves 4 bucks right of the bill there.

Yes, I am the worlds biggest chinch.

Douglas said...

"Yes, I am the worlds biggest chinch."

That can actually be a very good character trait. It brings balance to generosity. It also helps one avoid the massive credit card debt epidemic.


Chaotic Hammer said...

I guess I'm just not the big movie connoisseur that you are, Seth.

These days, a movie really has to be something special before we even think of seeing it at the theater. For most, we can wait until they are out on video. (And I guess with the big plasma TV and Bose sound system we invested in a while back, that makes sense). I can order movies on demand on cable, so I don't even have to leave home to have a good selection of new-to-video releases.

When we do go to the theater, the popcorn there is different enough (and hot buttered), and the candy can be bought on impulse at that moment, so that we just go ahead and spring for it, and consider it part of the expense of the date.

But ethically/morally, I don't see a problem with what you're suggesting, unless there are specific prohibitions against it that you are knowingly breaking. (And even then, who am I to talk? I drive faster than the speed limit sometimes. Hmmm.)