Friday, January 05, 2007

Supersize Me. Now. I Said Now.

I finally got around to watching Supersize Me. Two things happened while watching this documentary.

1. I vowed never to eat at McDonalds Again.

2. I started craving a Big Mac like I HAVE NEVER CRAVED ONE BEFORE.


Seth Ward said...

fyi, The burger I am consuming in the adjacent picture found in my "about me" pic, I am NOT eating a Big Mac.

That my friends is a homemade burger sculpted by the artistry of a certain 'Flo' deep in the Misty Mountains just north of San Antonio.

The best burger of my entire existence. It was followed by some homemade apple ice cream.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds advertising at it's finest.

euphrony said...

Not long after Supersize Me came out, a lady published a book detailing her experience of eating only McDonalds food for a couple of months. In the first month she lost something like ten pounds. Her point was that it doesn't matter nearly as much where you eat (i.e. it's not McDonalds fault) but what and how much we choose to eat that affects our health. She did not eat a Big Mac and fries every meal, but she did for many meals.

operamama said...

i just had a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds today...yummmm.....

Chaotic Hammer said...

I spent many years refusing to even set foot in a McDonalds (not because I was taking some deep moral stand or anything, simply because I thought everything there was cardboard-tasting crap), but not too long ago discovered that they make kinda-okay salads and stuff, which I've had maybe a couple of times in the last few months.

Best burger I've ever had was at a little burger joint in Carmel, California called RG Burger. Used to have one every Friday night after work. It really ruined my tastebuds, though -- almost every burger I've had since then tastes fair to poor by comparison. Maybe there were drugs in it or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm fat. Me no eat burgers right now. Sadness.

Seth Ward said...

If I hadn't gained a few over Christmas I would already be slamming down a warm Big Mac.

Operamama, you are an evil wench.

Euphrony, I want to read that. I can see how that would work. The guy did eat every last bite and a gallon of Coke every time. You could do the same thing at Chilis if you got the Oldtimer and fries every day.

C-Hammer, I had those salads as well and really liked them. I did eat 2 McRibb sandwiches over the Holiday on the road and enjoyed them immensely. I have yet to check the nutritional value of one of those suckers but I dare say it isn't pretty.

Amber and I also enjoy an occasional McFlurry.

Okay, I need to go work out.

Douglas_Coombs said...

I've never been impressed with McDonald's food. Burgers without all the fixings are just not my style. I used to eat there once every 5 or so years... until my kid became old enough to realize that there is play equipment at those restaurants. I stopped there last week on the way home from Phoenix, and I have just one question after that experience.

Who makes their ketchup? It was the most sugary, least tomatoey catsup I have every had. I didn't think you could mess up something as simple as catchup. Boy was I wrong.

Homemade apple ice cream sounds really good.


Seth Ward said...