Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wake up, Roll Over and Blog.

Thoughts that interrupted my sleep.

Head reeling from 5 Christmas celebrations. Remodeled a room. Kids running around my feet. Kids wanting momma. Endless hours in the car. Liked that part. Got sick. Big time. Still Sick. Hope I can get time to study. Exciting things are happening behind the scenes for our future. Sleepy all the time. Cannot get a good sleep. Finally got a decent snooze last night. Had to take a boatload of pills to get it. I like scrabble now. Played it for the first time keeping score. I also started liking Pug Dogs. Have always thought they were too ugly to pet. Think they are hilarious now. Reading more Thomas Merton. Really like this guy. Redefining church lately... again. Like Merton like I like Lewis. Definitely like him as much or more than Chambers. Started reading Steinbeck again. First chapter of Grapes of Wrath is amazing. Whole book is amazing. Got a new phone. Treo. Love it. Can get Internet on my laptop through bluetooth through my phone. Stop to ponder how amazing that is. Invisible waves running from somewhere to space then down to my phone then into my computer translating massive amounts of information. We can believe in this but can't seem to believe in the power of the unseen God and the movement of God the Holy Spirit. I guess you can scientifically explain these waves though. Or can we? When you get down to the quantum level of everything, nothing is certain or explainable. We are made of almost nothing. If you took one the atoms in your pinkie toe or your shirt sleeve and stretched it out the size of a mountain the center or nucleus would be the size of an eraser the electrons spinning around it a mile out would be so small that yo couldn't see them. They would be spinning around the tiny nucleus near the speed of light and you would hardly know they are there. The rest is all empty space. Your whole body is probably 99 percent empty space. We are literally made of nothing. I wish dogs lived longer. They die much too quickly. I should do Yoga but I still feel sick. Shut the computer off and snooze for another hour. Good morning to all.


operamama said...

i can't sleep either. i had too much ginsing in this green tea that i bought, but mainly, there are just too many thoughts in my head, as well. i can't get a peaceful, slow, pace to work in my brain either. cool blog.

operamama said...

a.d.d. sucks.

Pendrax said...

ADD's not all that bad actually. Wait 'til you get old. You spend a lot of time contemplating the "here-after." That's when you walk into a room... stop... stand there with a vacant look on your face... wonder what you're here after... give up... go to another room... repeat. Now that gets old fast.

Anonymous said...

The Treo is a gift straight from the gods. It is an invention that only ranks below Dr. Pepper.

Seth Ward said...

Rob, I do that now. I wonder what it'll be like when I get older. Maybe I'll just forget to get up altogether. Or get up and think of something to get up for while I'm getting up, that way I wont forget. The getting up will be the initiating factor for action.

Operamama, Benadril. Works like a charm. You can use it as a sleeping pill except without the guilt trip because you can tell people it is for your allergies, when it really could be anyways.

Cach, I already love my Treo too much. Should I start a church based around my love for my Treo? Maybe I could find some scripture that would justify this love and fervor for my Treo. Wait a second, maybe the bible's entire message is about the Treo... maybe thats what the entire book of Proverbs points too... MY TREO!!!! Wow! I've never seen it before. How could I be so blind???? God is really refering to Treo love the whole time in those old testament prophets... Wait a second... is that the third heaven???