Sunday, January 28, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Grilled Chicken Sandwich

McDonalds - C-

Chick fil A - C+
Not quite as Nasty because it's Chick Fil A. Basically bland and boring.

Wendy's - D
Tastes like Leather.

Burger King - F
Even though it's Grilled, I have a feeling that it's a trojan horse for fat.

Sonic - B
Hit and miss. Sometimes it's okay, then there have been times when I have almost yacked.

Whataburger - A
Every single time I have tried it I have almost had a wreck because it is so good. (w/o cheese)


Lexie Ward said...

Have you tried Arby's?

Seth Ward said...

they have a grilled chicken???

kat said...

I've never tried Whataburger's grilled chicken sandwich...I'm intrigued.

I personally really like Chick-fil-a's chargrilled chicken sandwich. I think it deserves a B+.


euphrony said...

Mrs. Euphrony agrees with Kat - you placed Chick-Fil-A way too low in the rankings. She puts it consistently ahead of Sonic and Whataburger.

Seth Ward said...

I have tried the chargrilled twice. It just tasted like boiled chicken with a smidge of taste. I might have been a little hard on it. I just expected more.

Euph, I might give you the Sonic, but no way on the Whataburger. The whataburger's is so tasty is kind of stunning. You must have a all-star chick fil a to beat the whataburger's...

shaungroves said...

Having worked at and worshiped Chick-fil-A II gotta that I don't agree that their grilled chicken sandwich deserves a C BUT it ain't that great either. Whataburger's is definitely the best fast food grilled chicken sandwich I've had. I don't eat red meat, so on the road I eat pretty much only chicken and oh how I've prayed Whataburger would open more stores outside of Texas.

Now, Bojangles (mostly in the Carolinas in my experience) kicks some tail, but it's fried, not grilled.

Mmmm. I'm hungry.

Lexie Ward said...

Actually I'm not sure about Arby's. Their grilled chicken might be that shaved kind.

euphrony said...

How does one go about shaving a chicken? Without getting pecked and scratched, that is?

Seth Ward said...

Nice. Actually, its not chicken but I really love their new reuben sandwich. T-A-S-T-Y

I will be trying the Bogangles fo sho if we pass through there again. I don't know why there aren't any Whataburgers outside of Texas. It is so stinkin' good. I have yet to be let down. From the Taquitos and Biscuits and Gravy, to the basic burger and sweet tea, it is only surpassed in Chicken Sandwich, fried, by Chick fil A.

I forgot that Crickets in Waco has an exceptional Blackened Chicken Sandwich but that doesn't really count because we are talking chain here, but still if you have the chance. YUM.

Anonymous said...

Boo ya, Crickets Blackened Chicken. I munna eat it and tell you all 'bout it!

Anonymous said...

I ate a Whataburger grilled chicken sandwich today on your recommendation. It tasted like crap. I wish I had sucked on my sock that is currently in its second day of use instead. I'll never eat that turd-on-a-bun again. Thanks a lot.

Seth Ward said...

Oh my GOSH!!!! Where did you eat it. You MUST have gotten a lemon. What was bad about it??? I must know. What the hell!

Here is a tip: If they guy handing it to you had his hat turned sideways, and said nary a word or something that resembled a pissed off robotic response, that could be the reason. I didn't have much luck at that waco whataburger. It was hit an miss. No lie, I called their hotline AT LEAST 7 times in 3 months. Sometimes right after I got my food.

But seriously, what did it taste like???

Lexie Ward said...

ARby's DOES have a grilled chicken by the way. Try that one.

bryan riley said...

If you are ever in the Oklahoma, Arkansas area, try Braum's. Pretty good stuff.

This is much more useful information than 100 comments on why two different views on theology are all right and the other all wrong. :)