Saturday, January 13, 2007

Intro for my New Lurkers

There are 4 false statements here. Take a stab at it. (ht: Kat, Brody)

1. My name is Seth.

2. That is not my real name.

3. It is Bicepticus Giganticus Ward. Seth was just easier say and less...Latin.

4. I am an exceptional basketball player when playing the disabled.

5. My favorite place to chow is in front of the tube watching LOTR for the 4000th time. If not there then with my African safari buddies as we all nibble on the liver of some fresh kill.

6. I have six fingers

7. I pick my nose with all but 5 of them

8. I am a dead-eye shot with a rifle. 30 out of 30 every time I shoot skeet.

9. I hate to run

10. My mom was a truck driver stunt woman.

11. I've never licked a spark plug... unfortunately.

12. I can bebox like nobodies business.

13. I have a severe problem with Apple-envy.

14. I have been known to read minds... (You are saying.... bullcrap. Ha! Nailed it.)

15. If I were to inherit a plastic factory I would make a plastic garage, shaped like a nose and the nostrils would be the carports.

16. This is really a picture of me. I am exceptionally glamorous.


lurker said...

Love the pic.

And your blog!

Lerker number 2 said...

Yeah, can I have an autographed picture of that?

Douglas said...

3, 6, 8 and 14.

Seth Ward said...

Lurker and ... lurker?

Still chickens but thanks for saying hi. No, you can't have an autographed photo of ... whoever-that-is-but-hasn't-been-revealed.

Doug, 1 out of 4 isn't tooooo bad.

Future lurkie commenters. Please leave your name. Or you can continue with consecutive lurk numbers if you like.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be pretty good at guessing the four... I'll wait a bit to try.

And yes, that picture is hott. Two 't's.

Lexie Ward said...

1, 3, 5, 10

Susanne said...

1, 3, 6, 10

I know you have more than 6 fingers or you couldn't play piano like you have 4 hands! :)

Amber said...

3,5, 10, and 12

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BTW, my magic word was chmiako. I don't know what it means, but I like it. Chmiako!

operamama said...

hmmm...i only can guess 3,5, and 10

Seth Ward said...


Drum roll.........

We have a winner. There is a tie for second.

The false statements are 1,3,5,10

Wahooo Lexie! Amber and Operamom tied for second.

As for Amber, she cried foul because she said that just because Seth isn't my 'legal' name doesn't mean that Seth isn't my name. She also didn't know that I could bebox. After I revealed to her the results, against my will, she forced me to bebox for her to prove it. So, I threw down. Awe yeah, Just like riding a bike.

Why didn't she know this you ask? Well if the answer is not obvious then you must not be married yet. Beboxing wasn't in my arsenal for wooing my hot beloved woman.

Amber said...

Yeah! I had NO idea you could bebox!!!

And let me tell ya, you are one outstanding bebox-er. Woah.

I'm not kidding.

What he's not telling everyone is that I had to plead practically on my hands and knees for him to show me this superb talent. He was too embarrassed, so I had to cover my eyes and just listen. AND, I had to actually bebox myself first to get him to do it. My bebox is so lame he started cracking up and felt more willing to proceed.

And I'm sorry, but if "Seth" shows up on our accounts and more than half of our bills, I think we can safely say that YES, it is your name. That statement is so totally true.

Douglas said...

8. I am a dead-eye shot with a rifle. 30 out of 30 every time I shoot skeet.

How many times have you shot skeet? In my experience, nobody is perfect. I grew up down the road from this guy. There are two things I know about him.
1) Even Lance isn't perfect.
2) He's a heck of a lot better than you... or else you would be an olympian too.

In conclusion... I object! I should at least get 2 out of 5 (or 2/4 if Amber is correct). Such a score still sucks, but whatever.

Addendum: What do you mean by you have 6 fingers. You have 6 fingers total? One of your hands has 6 fingers?

Douglas said...

Oh, and whatever happened to the post about being all happy?


Lexie Ward said...

I won?? I won?? What do I win?

I guess I just knew the trick question, huh. And I had no idea what beboxing was until my friend Rebecca filled me in, but I figured it for something you would know how to do.

Seth Ward said...

Doug, about the skeet.

Well, I hate to say it but I don't miss. I grew up shooting. When you live in the woods in Oklahoma, there isn't much else to do. I shot my gun all day long. Every day. I shot a bee out of the sky flying once. No one ever believes that but, it happened. Granted it was on the third or fourth try, but it happened.

I went to this R.A. convention when I was 11. They had you shoot long range 12 shots at a bulls-eye. I didn't win because the judge didn't believe that I could shoot a direct bullseye everytime. He thought I missed at least half.

I should clarify that I am not as good with a 30/30 as I am with a twelve gauge. I think the pro's use 30/30's which is a little tougher.

My dad was also a bit of a legend (I am hardly a legend btw, just a fun fact) in his day with a rifle. When he was in the Marines he won the Leatherneck award. Which used to be like the grand prize for riflery in the Marines. My uncles have told me other stories which are pretty unbelievable.

But to answer your question, with a 12 gauge, properly sighted, I don't miss. I guess it will happen someday, and it won't derpess me or anything, but hasn't happened yet.

Yikes that sounded cocky.

Seth Ward said...

Correction, the first time I went I think I missed the first two out of 30. New rifle. Hadn't ever shot a double-barreled Over and Under (O/U) before that.

Douglas said...

Are you saying you're better at skeet than the pros?

Leaving the skepticism behind, you must certainly be pretty good. If you are ever in NM, look me up and we can go shooting... not that I'm any good. I just want to see you miss. :-)