Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brain Wax

Amber has been to my family's house quite a few times now in our four years of marriage. There was something about this last visit though... I even noticed. We are probably the most ... it's hard to explain. Time sort of becomes this nebulous bother-me-not thing when you enter the Ward cave. The warm fire, twelve people hamming it up, telling stories over each other, singing songs, writing songs, drawing pictures, writing stories, building cabinets, writing sermons, telling stories. Telling more stories. Then there are other things harder to explain... for instance,

"Hey, what time are we going out to eat?"

"Later sometime"


Then you show up "later" to find that someone made a bowl of chili and none of us, are in fact going out to eat any longer. Thats not a bad thing mind you, because the chili is time-for-celebration-good, but many families, do not run this way.

After four years observing the Ward family, Amber has concluded- "your family has right brain oozing out your right ears."

She had to repeat it because I had a big chunk of brain lodged inside my right ear. I wish they made soap for cleaning out brain from your right ear. Lava is a tad painful and it gets kind of gross with Q tips.


Anonymous said...

See, friend, this is why we get along so well. Your family sounds exactly like the Bakers, and Amber sounds exactly like Beeki. She is absolutely driven batty by us.

Beeki: "So what are we doing tonight?"

Cach: "I don't know. We'll figure something out eventually."

Beeki: "What will we eat?"

Cach: "Food."

Seth Ward said...

Yes, that is about right.