Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meet my Grandpa Earl

Just check out this picture would you. Talk about a mixture of hilarity, awesome-ness, manliness, poop-kickin', John Wayne-ness. They don't make men like this anymore. Mostly because the environment that would make a man like this is long gone. The Depression, WWII, open ranges, prosperous small farmers, 400 pound belt buckles, 30 gallon hats, and the Golden era of country music...

Grandpa History

My grandpa had a knack for business. Some people said he had the Midas touch. At one point he and my dad made the newspapers as owning and operating the most prosperous Dairy Farm, or something like that, in the State of Oklahoma. That all changed of course when Nixon put the freeze on milk prices in the 70's and bankrupt most small dairy-farmers. What a GREAT president Richard Nixon was.

More than a businessman, my Grandpdad was a frustrated artist. He wrote over 200 songs, 4 unpublished books and a myriad of short poems and essays. However, none of this stuff saw the light of day until the 70's when he decided to take the money he had earned and begin to pursue his true passion, music. He cut an EP. He started landing engagements almost instantly and then tragically, within months of the records release, he got Cancer. This ended his music career as soon as it started. He wrote stories and songs up to three to four days from his death.

His music is reminiscent of bygone years of Hank Williams, mixed with the flare of western swing in the 70's. I'm not sure if he would have ever hit it big, but it sure is fun to listen to. Sometimes we all get around the fire at Christmas and sing some of this tune and have a ball. Someday, if I leave my family anything besides a mountain of student loan debt, I hope they have at least one tune of mine that they like to get around the fire and sing.

Click Here and listen to his song "Teasin Lady" (it takes a second or two to start) However, beware. Like the song or not you might be singing the chorus for a few days. From the first notes of the song, it is hard not to smile, laugh your butt off, crack up... One thing is for sure, it is hard to stop listening. Almost a Jimmy Buffet effect. I flippin' love it.


Well they called her teasin' Lady
Teasin' lady of the night
oh yes they all gave her a whirl and tried to change that teasing girl
from wrong to right

But she remained a teasin Lady,
and I guess she always would
well she tried to rearrange her love-life
it just wouldn't change cause teasin's
all she understood... (steel guitar interlude)


Seth Ward said...

I think I must have farted. It has been 4 or 5 posts and nary a sould hath commented.

I guess my blogging days are drawing to an end. My work here is done.

Farewell my good friends. Hope all is well and you see mucho prosperous days ahead of you.

Goodnight, and goodluck...

Susanne said...

I'd been wondering myself, and then I realized that was hypocritical since I hadn't commented myself. If it makes you feel better, all of the blogs I frequent are slow lately. Maybe everyone is out playing in the snow?! If they're like me, they've had a 1-yr-old on their lap and got tired of typing with one hand. :)

That's so cool that your Grandpa made a record! What a cool album cover too. He looks like a cool guy. That's sad that he died before he could do more. I love country music! My Granddaddy grew up playing bluegrass with his 4 brothers. They never cut a record, but they were on the radio once. Wish I could've heard that! I mostly wish that granddads didn't have to die...they're great to have around.

Lexie Ward said...

Oh please. You know you can't help blogging. It's in your blood.

I knew all this about Grandpa except that he was landing engagements. I didn't realize that one. Also Grandpa had a passion for writing. He had a real flair for description. It must have been hard for him having all those pent up dreams and never getting a chance to fulfill them.

Douglas said...

Finally got a chance to listen to this. I liked it. Thanks for sharing.

When are we going to hear the rest of the album?


Seth Ward said...

I just re-read this comment of mine. When I wrote it I was feigning someone on their deathbead... last wishes and all. On the re-read it just looks and sounds a little whiny without the voice affectations.

The bloggers are for sure on the quiet side. It is about to get REAL quiet over here as well. BIGGEST test ever coming up in 2 weeks.