Sunday, October 22, 2006

Update a' Coming (so quick fake one for now)

We are about to head out for Houston. Such a terrific trip altogether. The stop in Nashville, while pretty unproductive on the music business side, was quite productive in the Phileo realm. We got to finally meet C-Hammer and company, and Stephen from "Rebelling..."

These were some of the highlights of the entire trip and I will have full and detailed accounts of both. I may include stories about C-Hammer's plans for world dominance and his love for Toys'r'us drive-by robbery. I may even sneak in a blog about Stephen's phobia of the Easter Bunny and also his plans to dominate New Zealand and to someday invade and rule with an iron fist, the state of Alaska, and possibly New Zealand if he has time.

These of course are completely untrue and do not represent in any way the terrific men that are Stephen and C-Hammer but they are more fun to pen when you are in a hurry.

More to come, must dash off. Apro po... Guffaw, Ergo, concordantly, cherrio...


Anonymous said...

Next it's get-together time with Kat and Cach and Beeki! Woo hoo!

Chaotic Hammer said...

It was nothing short of amazing and wonderful to finally meet you guys!

I think I'll try to write a blog entry about it sometime this week, but I'm afraid I'll quickly exhaust my supply of superlatives, and come across all gushy and sappy.

Everyone here says "Hello!" and they loved meeting you, and my wife has a special compliment: "They were so much better than I was expecting. Since you met them online, I was expecting them to be geeks or weirdos."

Stephen said...

And you said you wouldn't tell!

Seriously though, I did enjoy meeting you and Amber. Hope you had a good trip back to Texas.