Friday, October 27, 2006

a poem for October

savor the night, the gale that sings
through trees and lights of cursed things
between the stars where the black roots grow
against the sky they twist and flow
like veins ripe for some vampire's drinking

a leaf or two still hangs like flakes
no longer blush red, sing or shake
the howling moon, now cut in half
by crows and plastic bones
that cackle like old dry thunder.

You twist your name through whistling wails
from old dark porches
where pumpkins flail
to burn the howling wind
with all his joy and sorrow.

undress the summer and cool the sun
that poured out silk betrothed to spring love
to bring us tarts and cakes and frills and snakes
that sing and dance down by the trail where wild things blaze
through all the sweets the darkest streets can plunder.

On Hallow's Eve, that sweetness laughs and I am here
the fear and doubt of long lost tears,
has dried the jack and lit the lantern,
handed tricks and treats to princess pea and brother
across the side where we once walked
like a child in October


Lexie Ward said...

Hey, great poem!
My biggest Halloween memory: when I was almost six, my baby brother was born on Halloween night. I was staying at my grandparents and threw up from eating too much candy.

Seth Ward said...

And I also hear the he was nothing but a sweet angel to his oldest sister all through his years.

Anonymous said...

Great work, man. Way to flex and stretch those verbal and imaginative muscles. Well done, sir.

Seth Ward said...

Thank you kindly buddy. See you and Kat in a few.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I love it, Seth! I'm having fun enjoying this season. You capture many of the thoughts and sensations very well.

We had the most bizarre and unusual thing happen yesterday -- it was gloomy and rainy all during the day, but just before sunset, the rain stopped. As it got dark, the air turned a little cooler, and the temperature inversion caused a dense, spooky fog to settle over everything here. So for Halloween, it was a perfect temperature, it was damp and gloomy, and there was a spooky, mystical fog everywhere.

It was quite a treat.

Seth Ward said...

Oh man, I am so envious. I miss those Halloweens. So cool. It gets the creative juices flowing.