Thursday, October 26, 2006

Memory From the Fourth Grade

Hello my old friend, the number 2 pencil. Remember me? It was the fourth grade. You were the champion in the favorite game of 4th graders, bored to death by droning teachers. The name of the game was "Pencil Break" That was the game where you destroyed hundreds of other pencils who challenged your title as reigning Pencil-Break champion. You remember don't you Number 2 Pencil? You were the all-time-true-champ. I even gave you a name. Your name was "Lucky" You could break any pencil in the fourth grade quad-classroom radius. And I... I, the manager of "Lucky" was the envy of every wannabe-Pencil-Break-champion boy. I got a little too cocky though. I turned up to class one day to find you broken in my desk drawer. Broken by some jealous smelly fourth-grade-nuthin-of-a-coward-punk. Oh the tears I cried.

Well, my old friend Lucky, the all-time-4th-grade-Pencil-Break-champ, I say "goodnight" to you and finally... finally, I say farwell. Thanks for the fond fourth-grade memory.


FancyPants said...

Stupid fourth-grade-jerk who broke your pencil! How upsetting.

My fourth grade memory is my teacher Mrs. Fridge. Yes, that was really her name, and she somewhat resembled one as well.

Seth Ward said...

Yeah, come to think of it I think it was kind of a Ku. I came into the class and there were several boys looking out of the corners of their eyes as I opened my desk drawer to begin battle. Usually there was a bit of a ceremony when Lucky came out. Some kid would show up with some crazy big or new shiny pencil thinking that he could take the title.

Did her son play for the Chicago Bears?

FancyPants said...

Hmmm...since I am much less of a sports fan that I like to admit, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Although after reading your Pujoles blog and being a Houstonite myself, I CAN say: That game totally sucked. And I love the Astros. Go Stros! OK, Go Stros next season, then.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I don't have many memories of Fourth Grade left.

I guess I should write down some thoughts from my childhood at some point soon, before I get too old and forget all of them. (Maybe it's too late already...)