Monday, October 16, 2006

Big Picture Blog from Tour.

Hello all. Here are some pics from the tour. We have one more concert for this tour and we would like to thank everyone who has made this tour such a blessing. I hate throwing around churchy words like "blessing" but it really was. It enriched my life and heart through each Spirit that I met. Powerful stuff.

Me and Amber somewhere in Florida.

Me looking like I am praying but I am just trying to stay awake. Well maybe I was praying a little. There was this guy who came to the Camp Church in Indiana armed. He turned his weapon in and left but there were some guys that went to make sure he left and several people were praying for them while the sermon went on.

Me and Amber, same church.

Some various concert pics.


Kat said...

You need a new video camera! I want to see your least "Lucy." (Did I mention that my husband and my little girls spent about 15 minutes dancing together to that song in our living room the other day? It was cute.)

You could ask people in the audience to film it and upload it to YouTube. The Living Room sessions idea sounds fun too.

Also, Amber needs to tell me where she shops. I love her outfit, especially the hat.

So, to clarify, were you AT that church when the armed guy came? Crazy.

Seth Ward said...

Kat I am so glad to hear that about the living room. That was actually our great hope for that song. Basically the families would just dance around together, knocking each other over and laughing till it hurts.

We usually have a competition during this song. Whoever does the best Charlie Brown dance at the end gets a free CD.

Amber got the hat somewhere in Dallas and she kind of just shops everywhere. In other words... I am kind of clueless. I'll ask her when she gets back from the coffee run.

Yes I was at the church when this guy came in. There were 3 packed services for that little place and he came to all three. He brought the weapon to service 3. During service 1 he asked to play with us after the show. He was about 6'7 and looked pretty scary. I basically just acted like I didn't hear him very well and told him to ask the Pastor.

Evidently he usually takes med's and unfortunately had recently decided that they were no longer needed.

So, we are getting the camera fixed. That little video you saw was done with Joey's regualr picture camera. You can do about 5 minutes of video on it before the memory runs out.

Kat said...

5 minutes is enough for one song.....


euphrony said...

Glad things are going well on the tour. And you guys (or, at least, girl) seem to be trend-setters ;)

If you ever come back to Houston, I might be able to video a whole show for you with my camera.

Oh, I posted a new blog, just for you Seth. I guess I didn't realize I had such a demanding readership.

Baca's Head said...

sweet!! wish I could have been there with ya'll.

Kat, that's awesome about your husband and little girl. Seth, what better audience?

Love you guys

Lexie Ward said...

Wow! Love the pics. You'll have all kinds of tales to tell at Christmas in the land of hams.

Seth Ward said...

Euphrony! that would be great. What a kind offer. We might take you up on that...

Seth Ward said...

Baca, I wish you could have come too sucker. Maybe next run.

tannehill said...

i'm so proud of you seth! that 8am theory really paid off! ha!

operamama said...

those are awesome pictures! you are both adorable!

operamama said...

did i mention that amber looks like a princess.