Thursday, October 05, 2006

funny cats

I thought some of this was pretty stinkin' funny. For a fleeting second...*poof* I thought about actually getting a cat. For me, that might as well have been an eternity.

C-Hammer, this post is for you buddy.


Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...


Chaotic Hammer said...

That's funny.

But what makes you think I have cats, Seth? :-)

And what is your objection to cats as pets?

Seth Ward said...

Well, for some reason, the cat ALWAYS picks me as the "favorite person" Most people don't know it but cats can be unbelievable shadows. They MUST be around you at all times. The bathroom, the couch, the kitchen blah blah. I am the king of cat pestering. I know just about every amazingly subtle way to pester a cat known to man.

I think cats are pretty darn funny.