Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chocolate Royal

Ode to Slim Fast:

Slim Fast, Slim Fast,
my Royal Chocolate Slim Fast
I drink you and dream
of a smaller size of jeans

I dream for a smaller belly
a skinner booty to make.
but you really don't work,
when I drink you then go eat mashed friggin potatos
and a 3 pound steak.

I tried to stay faithful
zooming past the Pizza Hut
but that pie in the kitchen
well... she's such a slut.

Slim Fast oh Slim Fast
you're not all you seem
although you might taste real good
on some cookies and cream

blue bell that is
banana split
texas style


euphrony said...

Slim Fast. Never could stomach the stuff.

Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...

ode to america's obsession with weight

Anonymous said...

*Tear forms in my chubby eye.*


Lexie Ward said...

Slim Fast is like an appetite accelerant in my system.
Just one cup makes me want to scarf down everything in the pantry.

Susanne said...

I tried those Slim Fast snack bars after I had my little girl. I loved the chocolate chip cookie dough kind...at first...then I got to where I would feeling like hurling at the sight of one. I still feel that way! Wonder what's in them that causes that???

My brother-in-law always said that Slim Fast doesn't work for him because it tastes too good with a burger and fries. :)

Seth Ward said...

Lexie, you ain't wistle'n dixie chick. The only time I drink it now is if I don't have time for lunch and I need some energy or something.

Susanne, those bars are pretty yummy. We took some of those on the tour as a potato chip alternative.

Lexie Ward said...

Hey, do you all have Smoothie King or Jamba Juice in your area? Now that's my idea of a healthy meal to drink when you're on the go.