Saturday, October 07, 2006

On the Road Again and a New Tune up

We are hitting the road for a good 2 week stretch so the posting will be scant. I have posted another possible song for the next record up on Myspace for your listening pleasure. It is about two people who haven't met but will someday. I remember standing out in the snow in Missouri about 8 years ago, looking at the moon and thinking that somewhere my future wife could be looking at the same moon. Awwwwe. Enjoy! So it is another chill love song and it is once again pretty bare bones.


"Sound of You"

A lover gives a sigh and waits for stars to spell her name
A million nights that float along the side of yesterday
and the dove that will fly to her face
steals a tear and floats away

It will all come again
and the stars will spell your name

Winters frozen nose will rub across my face
like a cruel lover she will laugh at me without a grace
and I hide my face in my coat
from the wind and the falling snow

It will all come again
and the stars will spell your name
And the dove that will fly to my face
steals a tear and floats away

Long days
Along the lonely days

Well the moon
will laugh all the way to dawn
and the dove will float to my face
with the sound of you

Words and music by Seth Ward


Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...

GOOD LUCK on the next couple of weeks! Push! Push!

btw...i like the song in the works *nods*

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, man. Well done. I really like this one. Whatever you do, I say keep it this simple.

Seth Ward said...

Thank you my friend. There is something about this one that I like too. I mean I like them all or I wouldn't write them but, I don't know... Good to hear that it connected.

I think we will keep it simple. Sound of You might be the album title.

Anonymous said...

It works. It communicates. I don't have to tell you, but some songs are merely sonic and others communicate. Sonic is good - very good, but communication through song is special.

Sound of You would make a great title.

Kat said...

Sorry we missed you all last night! Hope the tour continues to go well and we'll see you Nov. 1.


James J. said...

Love it. Pretty haunting stuff. That last chorus at the end is my favorite part.


btw, I think we may have a mutual friend...

Do you know a Ned???

Seth Ward said...

Kat!!! AHHHHH!

Sorry we missed you on such short notice. We had only planned on being there sunday morning and leave to florida but we were asked to play at a school the next day...

We will for SURE all get together at November 1st.

James, I only know one Ned. Horner?