Monday, October 02, 2006

Ordinary Girl

Okay. Here is another song. I have to admit, I am a bit paranoid about these types of things. People don't usually want to hear disclaimers but I feel that I need to give a couple anyway. Crappy mic, Recorded in the bedroom, 4 takes. For your ears only, my blogging compadres.

So I am hoping the album will be out in the early spring of next year. I am going to start posting more poems and songs on the blog to get the fires going. Let me know what you think. Half the Album will be in the form of a "Mass" If you were reading Shaun Groves Blog recently you might have overheard that he is thinking about writing one as well. I look forward to hearing it. I couldn't believe that I had a kindred protestant spirit out there who thinks the Catholic Mass is well... pretty stinking cool.

Half the songs will be love songs I wrote for Amber. I think and the other half will be written around the Mass Ordinary. I am hoping it turns out in the wash. Amber is also writing some terrific songs as well so who knows what it will look like in the end.

The song.

So, my wife has this Audrey Hepburn purse. The first night she brought it home I wrote this song about her. Enjoy! .

If that link didn't work it is:

I will be leaving the raw demo version of the song up only for a week so happy downloading. (for those of you tuning in, there is also a couple of artsy fartsy art songs posted there as well.)

Ordinary Girl

You are like an Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly
your casual smile, it floats across the room to tell me
you have no other love, lets take a walk under the stars

Outside I'm hypnotized and feelin' fine
you cast your smile, the spell I'm under tastes like wine
and now your moving closer, just like an ordinary girl

You're never empty handed
and every day is like a cherry in your cup
ordinary girl

We close our eyes and we are
flying like a Superman and girl
and if we want we can
turn back time and photograph the world
you and I

So turn around and let me see just one last time
before I wake this haunting dream where you are mine
don't let me leave without you
you are no ordinary girl

copyright 2006


James J. said...

Good stuff. I like. I can hear strings in the distant production.

Seth Ward said...

Yeah, I am thinking throwback from the 60's kind of thing. It might sound COMPLETELY different by the time it gets out of production but who knows?

You a song writer?

Seth Ward said...

for the rest of my friends... I guess it was a dud???...

Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...

I think its sweet. I like the 60s idea feel, though, i would give it a bit more of a beat to drive the song in a bit more forward movement. Just my humble opinion.

euphrony said...

I can't get on MySpace from work (they block the whole domain), so couldn't check out the song until tonight. I liked it.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks Euphrony. We choose to not persue labels so I usually ask a group of people what they think about certain songs and try to feel out which ones connect and which don't. It is kind of how most of the songs were chosen for the last album.

We also try new ones out on audiences to get a feel for what connects. You guys here are kind of a tougher audience or sell than most so I thought I would give it whirl over here. I think that good and lasting songs should work raw and naked before they work all dolled up.

reijn, Yeah, it will probably have something subtle to get things moving. It is kind of hard to hear but there are two guitars going there.

operamama said...

very teary and touching! not too many romantics left in the world!

James J. said...

No just a song lover. Those other songs are neat too. Big difference in style though...

euphrony said...

I totally agree that a good song should be able to grab you as a raw demo, without the fancy dress and production around it. Case and point, take Rich Mullins' The Jesus Record. It was released posthumously, with a lot of big names doing the songs, but with the demo versions Rich had recorded included. Those demos, quickly recorded, just sink into you in a way that the production versions don't. Also Sara Groves The Other Side Of Something has a bonus disc with several demos and the message she conveys seems clearer, more pronounced in these.

Seth Ward said...

Haven't heard the Sara Groves but I have heard the Jesus Record, many many times.

"Hard to Get" is about my favorite song in the whole world. It was the last song that he ever wrote according to his Caedmon buddies. I played it for Josh the other night and he can hardly listen to it.

I also love "You did not have a home" ... actually I just love them all. I can hardly listen to the produced side without wishing every second that Rich would have sung them.

There is a dvd/cd demo thing that came out a few years ago that has some more demos that Rich did. the "Here in America" Demo is especially good.

euphrony said...

"Hard to Get" - great song. I don't even try to decide which I like best. I think the music on The Jesus Record is the best he did. Really amazing stuff.

Susanne said...

I haven't been able to get the sound to work on my computer. Sounds works on other sites, but not this one??? I'll figure it out soon...I'm dying to listen to it!!

FancyPants said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good Seth, I like the vocals. Did you use garage band? I have to throw in my favorite(s) from Rich.

The Color Green
Hold Me Jesus

Seth Ward said...

Brody, The color green is my ALLTIME favorite Rich Song. It never saw a second of radio play but it just gets me everytime. It was the song that single-handedly reintroduced me back into music that was poetic and that had a Gospel message. Liturgy a Legacy is just an amazing timeless project. (except for that Christmas song that cracks me.) Okay so you guys got me fired up here. If had a Rich favorite list it would go like this:

1. Color Green
2. Calling out Your Name
3. Hard to Get
4. Hold Me Jesus
5.The Love of God

Seth Ward said...

Oh sorry,

No, I used Mbox for that recording but I am using Garage for the rest of the demos. The Mbox is a pain in the butt with the latency issue being usb powered.

I just did another with garage band and it sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the listen.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks fancypants!!! Where the heck have you been????

FancyPants said...

I have not quite figured out how to balance blogism into my daily life. It's like either all the time or not at all. I just went through a not at all phase, that's all. But...I feel that possibly...the times, they are a changin'. (Great Dylan post, by the way).

Anonymous said...

I have had a pretty good time with garage band... i also have logic express, but it's way more confusing than garage band, and not basic enough... did you ever hear that rich struggled with homosexuality? I hate that rumor but am wondering if it's floating around...

Seth Ward said...

Never. That is a bit irritating considering Rich was so open about his struggles and many of them are known. Alchohol, etc. I have known a few people who knew him pretty well and that was never mentioned even once. He dated some girl off and on for many years but never married. I know he pretty much hated being single but He felt like that was the rope he had to toe.

What are they going on there with their information?

But who knows? He might have... I'm doubtin' it though. I just think that it is strange that that rumor has cropped up years after his death and he was so open about his personal life to other people while he was alive... I'll do a little more prodding.

Yeah, I think I am going the Garage route starting today, meaning I am going to buy that mixer/interface thing. I also already have all the Jam Packs and some other cool plugins. I do think I'll learn the Logic stuff because of the mixing and mastering capabilities that it has built in, plus I can open all the GB stuff on it.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I love it. It's not just 60's-esque, it's actually quite Beatles-esque. There's a combination of simplicity and unique chord progressions that make that style of songwriting so timeless.

I'm so old-school (read: old) that I probably wouldn't change much at all, but it'll be fun to hear how it evolves with additional processing, production and stuff.

Seth Ward said...

Hey C-Hammer! I would be lying if I told you that the Beatles have not seeped into just about every part of my subconsious and consciousness. I guess it was all of those road trips to Oklahoma from Indiana as a wee lad listening to non-stop tapes of Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, and the White Album. Most song-writers today are all children of John and Paul.

Thanks for the listen and encouragement.

Susanne said...

Check out this post:
(story about Rich Mullins)

Seth Ward said...

Susanne, I am so glad that you posted that link. I was thinking about posting it but didn't have time to post the whole interview.

I often tell people as well that the greatest and most persistent lie that Satan wants to feed us is that God doesn't love us.

Rich said that about as beautifully as you can say it.

Brody, I talked to a few guys today who knew him pretty well and they said that that's the first they have heard of that.

euphrony said...

Good link, Susanne. Good story about Rich and how we should also act. The song he also talks about, "Do You Feel Their Pain", is a favorite of mine. Steve Camp does some very thought-provoking lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great story... I have heard that before... Rich seems to always have great stories that follow him.

As far as the homosexuality thing.... I have only heard that one time, and he didn't really know facts... again... I hope and assume not.