Monday, May 14, 2007

Where or When

Feeling nostalgic tonight. Thinking back to all the friends that I made in college, loss touch and now miss. College was really an amazing time. I loved it. It will be hard to put all that behind me but it is time. I have had the privilege of working quite a bit while finishing up. But it has been a HUGE part of my life. The atmosphere of it. The commonality and sense of wonder and expectation that goes along with that environment is something to be savored and then missed.

I look forward to the days ahead but also I took a few minutes to stare back into time tonight and remember friends, places, sounds, smells, and laughs. Good stuff. Great people and some not-so-great people and experiences. But all of them have helped to make me who I am today.

I only regret not keeping in touch with great friends that I have made. Some have gone through a lot and I have heard about it through other people. A few of those friends even passed on. I regret losing touch with those the most.

I was reading my buddy Cachinator's blog about Love and it sent me into this nostalgic mood. He wrote:

"Do you ever marvel at love?

I'm not talking about gushy romantic junk. I mean the kind that Paul says leaves faith and hope behind. The kind that lays down life for another. The kind that feeds the hungry. The kind that rushes to the aid of those in need. The kind that befriends the lonely. The kind that refuses to judge. The kind that is devastated by injustice. The kind that puts others above self.

That kind of love.

Too rare. If you find it - even for a moment - savor it." -Good words brother.

True friends are rare and should be cherished. Don't let a good friendship fade into a memory. They are a rare gift.

To any long lost friend that happens to be tuning in, drop me a line if you wanna catch up.

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RC said...

my wife and i have recently moved away and have had a tough time really connecting deeply with people.

college is an awesome opportunity to establish lasting friendships.

there is something so great about proximity and commonality at that stage of life where things are fresh and you're not even sure what you're doing in life.

your thoughts ring true.