Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meet My Student John Cates

"Cover anything with frosting and someone out there will eat it." How right you are John. How right you are.

This is the motto of my piano student John Cates's blog "Cupcake"

John is one of the most talented students I have ever had. (Yes, I've had quite a few students, and some pretty frickin' amazing.) He is all of 16 and he has recorded 3 full length CDs. And I mean FULL length. The music is sort of electro-pop but don't let that discourage you into thinking it is "push the casio button and let it happen" music. It is well thought out, lyrical at times, melodic and compositionally very creative. Think "Danny Elfman meets Beck and arm wrestles to the Rennaisance Music in their head." However John modestly likens it to "A troupe of monstrously malformed carrion birds pecking at the keyboard of a Mac G4."

In fact, he is sickeningly creative but totally amiable, albeit, eccentric. Plus he's just plain fun to teach. We had a good time tonight before the lesson thinking of bad inventions for the hospital emergency room. Like the "Senile Defibrillator." (This is assuming that all electronic devices in the future can talk.)

Doctor: "CLEAR!!!"

Senile Defibrillator: (Speaking in an old man's voice) "There was this one time I had caramel apples..."


Senile Defibrillator: (Fussy) "My pianola player is broken... Grandma???"

Goofy fun stuff like that. Drop by his "blog" and "Myspace page Candy Cantata"if you want a view into John's world.

He is also kickn' serious butt on his Beethoven Sonata Pathétique.

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Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...

the cates are some close friends of our family. John is best friends with Peter, my little brother