Saturday, May 05, 2007

We Won

That's right. We kicked some major Williams-Trace-Baptist-Church-golf-tournament booty. Well, my friends Jack, Gerald and Michael kicked booty. I sorta kicked upper thigh. Maybe the shin a couple of times. BUT, I didn't suck. My 14 year old friend Jack came 3 feet from the longest drive of the day. His stepdad Gerald (who is practically a pro and was the primary contributor to our 1st place position) calls young Jack "Lerch." And rightly so.

Fun times. I love golf but I realized today that I'll never be a pro at it. "Duh" you say. But that is kind of a big deal for a man. You see, you grow up your whole life thinking, "If I wanted to, I could devote the time and be the next Michael Jordan, or TIger Woods." However untrue that fantasy might have been at 19 or 20, I still could have made a good go at it. At 32, I know I ain't gonna happen. That's OKAY though.

Plaid just washes me out and that sun is murder on my complexion. And 6 a. m.? (yaaaawniiing)

So a Golf.... pro.... I will never... ....ZZZZzzzzzz.


Stephen said...

On another topic, Seth, have you been following this discussion?

The Cachinnator said...

I play in my first ever golf game this Thursday. The sum total of my experience with golf is going to a driving range a week ago to learn how to swing a club.

You've inspired me. I now believe that instead of being the designated jackass, I might actually have a chance!

But seriously... we both know better.