Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ho Hum

I am feelin' a little down today folks. I don't know exactly why but... I just am. It is not just me either. Everyone I meet seems to be down in the dumps as well. All I really want to do is go home and watch Harry Potter for about 6 hours straight. For some reason it seems to do the trick.

Honestly, I can't wait till the next Potter installment hits the bookstores. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Any speculations on the plot? I am hoping Dumbledore isn't really dead. When I finished the last book I was depressed for days. It wasn't that Dumbledore died, it was HOW he died. It seriously ticked me off. I mean really, ticked me off. Not like, "awwwwe darn." More like, I am going to write Rowling a letter and explain that you don't kill a character like Dumbledore off like that. You just don't. It would be like Obi Wan getting killed by Jar Jar Binks.

"Dear Rowling, that ending sucked. You are a cruel, cruel woman." -that was my letter.

So there it is. My honest state of being. In the dumps. Surprised? You don't get many whiny blogs. They are usually all about how sunny everything is and how life is just rosy. Well, that isn't reality in my book. I am mostly a happy fellow, but tonight I've got the blues. So, after Church choir, I'm off to my Harry Potter therapy. What does the trick for you?


The Stan said...

Thanks for the spoiler, Seth...I haven't read book 6 yet!

After book 5 I figured I'd stop until all 7 books were out so I wouldn't have to be like all the other Potter fans camping out in front of Borders all night, drooling on the front door, mesmerized while the store employees set up the big Harry Potter display in the front of the store.

But I do have book 6 on my shelf and book 7 pre-ordered from I'll start reading the series from the very beginning about four weeks before book 7 comes out.

But I all good fantasy, Harry Potter is therapeutic. It's good vacuous time for restoring the soul!

Seth Ward said...

Sorry Stan! hehehe.

Still a good read my fellow fantasy buff!!

I wish I would have done that. You'll be glad you did with book 6 FOR SURE. I can't tell you how pissed I was that we would be waiting 2 years for the next book.

The Cachinnator said...

I'll be reading the seventh when it drops.

For the dumps? Either exercise or Battlestar Galactica does it for me.

FancyPants said...

Dumbledore just can't be dead. I think maybe the Phoenix brought him back to life, but for the sake of the Order, they're pretending he's dead.

I'll sign your letter, Seth.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Maybe you're feeling down because you live in that God-forsaken stink hole in the middle of the Gulf Coast swamp.

(Did I come on a little too harsh there? Sorry.) I was just down in your neck of the woods last week, so it's fresh on my mind (and in my smell receptors).

If I'd have had five minutes to spare, I would have called you guys and tried to do a quick visit or something. But I was running a day late as it was, so I had to book it through there, sorry.

Seriously, though, don't watch the news there, or you'll be depressed every day. I sure was. It's sad to see what has become of that area.

My brother lives pretty close to where you guys are. I came up Highway 59 from Rosenberg, and saw the Sugar Land exits, Williams Trace, etc. Figured you're somewhere near there. My brother's house is near W. Bellfort at Fondren. Seemed like a pretty bad area. Just in the few minutes I drove through, I saw two different guys abusing women right there on the street (one of them as they were walking along with a little kid, the poor mother looked like she was beaten down and accustomed to being a punching bag. I wanted so much to stop and do something, but I was driving a full moving van and my parents were in tow with many animals and household goods, etc. Dang depressing, it was.)

MamasBoy said...

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