Monday, May 14, 2007

Things I Don't Get

Things perplex me that don't normally perplex other people. I think I am like the dog that can't understand why he can't walk through the glass door, or the cat that wants to fight its reflection. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This is what I don't get about Ugly Betty:

In real life, she is pretty. They dressed her up to be ugly. Why not find a "not so pretty girl" and give her a job? I had the same problem with Lord of The Rings. Why not hire Vertically challenged folks to play Hobbits instead of going to GREAT pains in all the depth of field stuff? I bet the whole Dwarf world was sooooo ticked when they found out the role of their dreams had been stolen by the wonders of CGI and that pretty boy Elijah Wood. I guess the days of WIllow and Wizard of Oz are long gone.

Back to the Ugly Betty Conundrum...

The question I guess the producers had to ask themselves was: "Do we hire an Ugly chick and call her ugly, or do we hire a Cute girl and dress her up ugly so that when we say she is ugly we don't really feel bad because we know she isn't really ugly?" (Even though the underlying principle of the show is that Betty is really beautiful on the inside which is what really matters even though we had to make a cute girl ugly to not feel bad for calling her ugly.)

I say they should have just hired an average looking actress, Lord knows NYC is chalked full of them, made her millennium, and she would have cried about the title of the show all the way home to her new penthouse to change for her appearance on Oprah or Leno.

Of course the money would have got to her in the end. She would have ended up getting a nose, boob, and belly job so that the Ugly comment wouldn't hurt.

I guess the producers knew what they were doing all along.

Huh??? Ouch! (As my nose hits the glass door.)


tannehill said...

oh my gosh! these are the EXACT thoughts i have running through my brain every time i watch the show. in fact, i watch the show a lot, just to see if this will be the week where the turn her into a beautiful girl. i mean, surely they hired her because they are eventually going to make her over. right? but i've also concluded that they must have hired a pretty girl because they wouldn't want to hurt an actually ugly girl's feeling. maybe? i dunno. hollywood is so cruel. maybe they do think that america is not pretty, since she's not a size -2.

The Stan said...

Sarah Tannehill?!! Could it be? No way!!

Bet you can't guess who this is.

Mz Jackson said...

Hey, Elijah Wood is not very tall. And who else could play Samwise besides Sean Astin? Fie upon you!

I agree about the Ugly Betty thing tho.

Joey said...

millennium? how do you make that? lol