Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sisters on Fire

I have some seriously talented sisters. My older Sister "Mz Jackson" is a kick-butt writer. She has been published several times over and is on her way to a major publishing deal with her latest book "Campfire Secrets," a book she wrote with her friend and fellow writer, Rebecca. A year ago, they adapted that book to script, and it was read and considered by Warner Brothers for a major motion picture. I am even told that Drew Barrymore was interested in the role and read through the script and LOVED it. Alas, as things go in entertainment, they ran into a few hitches with their agent went bazonkers and had to ditch. They are now under new representation in Kansas City and are growing ever nearer to a major book deal. Because of her pure talent and determination my big sis has moved beyond many a publisher's desk and has made it through every consideration EXCEPT the publishing deal. In the mean time she has won awards and been published in magazines, journals, and newspapers. She has been a working, paid writer for many years now and is VERY close to a big break. I can feeeeeel it. She has been an inspiration to all of her siblings because somehow, while joyfully following her dreams, she is raising three fantastic kids and has a wonderful marriage. In short, I think she kicks ass.

My Little sister Operamama, just landed the role of Madame Butterfly in an opera house in Springfield, Missouri. It is her first "professional" operatic gig as a leading lady and I am uber-pumped about it. She can blow the doors off the house when she turns it loose. Before she graduated from Baylor University with a Masters in Vocal Performance, she won 1st place in the Texas Graduate Women NATS Competition. She sang in competition with 40 other terrific opera women from across Texas, including singers from Rice, University of Texas, Southern Methodist, Baylor, and UNT and cleaned house. Shortly after she had a couple of kids and put her career on hold to raise the babies full time in their toddler years. She is now back in the Saddle with a new perspective on Career and family and is sounding better than ever. I played for her at her house the other day and I couldn't even hear the piano at one point. And like my Big Sister, Operamama also strikes forcibly with her foot the two round fleshy parts that form the lower rear area of the human trunk.

I am extremely proud of these two incredible women, and I am really trying to make up for some bad Karma here for all the torture I administered to them growing up.


Mz Jackson said...

Hey, I was never sure about that Drew Barrymore thing, but it's okay to mention it anyway. My source on that proved to be~ahem~less than reliable at times.
Thanks for mentioning us sisters, and be sure that we are EXTREMELY proud of our brother.
Love ya!

Susanne said...

I'm looking forward to the book and the CD! :)

Rob said...

It's apparent to me that your folks must have been swimming in the deep end of the gene pool. It's hardly fair you know, that the rest of us have to get by on the dregs of talent you've left over. :-)

I'm just pleased to be posting in the same blogland as such fine folk!

operamom said...

thanks so much seth ward. we sisters must push hard when our brother is a treasure chest of artistic genius!