Friday, April 27, 2007

The Return of The Stand

Wheeew. That was a close one. Thank you blogger. I have decided to stay your humble user.

In other news: I have spent a grand total of 4 separate days including 5 hours yesterday getting my mouse replaced at Fry's. I bought my Power Mac G5 dual-core beast at an incredibly discounted price 1 year ago, almost to the day. However, it was a display item and the mouse was quite cruddy when I got it and the scroller on it was already on its last limping cog.

The Fry's visits began. Every time I went to Fry's to utilize my 3-year warranty I was greeted with a different run-around answer. The first time was the worst. The technician hooked the mouse up to a Mac and the darn thing decided to work! I could almost hear it snickering over there, flipping me off as the screen scrolled perfectly on the monitor over the counter.

Other times I was told to come back when the manager was in. Somehow every time they told me to come back the manager was "out." Two days ago I finally demanded a manager and got him. He told me that to replace my mouse I would need to bring in my ENTIRE computer. I told him that was totally ridiculous and that I would do no such thing. We argued like this for a good 10 minutes until my eye started to twitch. Finally, HIS manager approached us and told me that I didn't have to bring the whole computer in if I took a picture of the serial number, burn it to a disk along with a hand written copy. I almost asked if they wanted a water colored portrait of it as well but decided to not press my luck. I said "fine" and asked them if they would be "out" when I returned. They said no.

I thought that taking the picture would be a cinch but once again, I was wrong. I tried for over an hour, on my belly like a serpent, sneezing like a maniac to get a good picture of the blasted serial number. Amber finally saved the day as she often does. After she laughed at me of course. Here are a few of my attempts.


MamasBoy said...

Sears just screwed me out of a 20% rebate on a dishwasher. I'm not looking forward to arguing about getting it. I suspect I'm probably going to have to bring a sign and exercise my first amendment right to free-speech before they will cave, though hopefully I'm wrong. I hate having to do that.

Rob said...

You should just drop the whole Mac thing and switch to a real computer. My mouse hardly ever works. You get used to keyboard shortcuts after a while. Real men don't use mice.

Rob said...

Oh, and welcome back. I nearly fainted from worry when FP said you scrogged your blog.