Monday, April 09, 2007

Hurry. I Don't Have All Minute.

The world is moving to fast for me. So many new things. One of the reasons I don't read Seth Godin's blog. For some reason his blog depresses me. He does have a spiffy first name though. There was this autistic kid that I knew that ended every sentence with the word "though." I have to say that it was a bit contagious. For about two weeks after talking to him I had to force myself to NOT end each sentence with "though."

Anyways, the world... moving too fast. Too much technology. Don't get me wrong, I love technology. But not as much as you, you see. Always and forever. I just get tired of the rat race. Every time I turn around some big new deal is happening. New phones come out right about the time I break into my last 50988-dollar contraption. There is always something new happening with Itunes, some new internet toy, some new way to whore, I mean, market yourself. And again, phones. Gotta have the new iPhone or I'll just die... Honestly I am about ready to throw that stupid, intrusive thing out the window. I miss those days... When I had that kind of guts. I wouldn't last 6 hours without my phone now. I'd be like Tom Hanks in Cast Away when he got mad at Wilson and drop-kicked him out the cave. What a wimp I have become.

I'm Techny-whipped.

Sometimes I want to go up into the mountains, grow a thicker beard, make friends with a big bear and cook flapjacks and save people from perils with me and my bear. I don't think Amber would go for the bear though.


Brant said...

I completely understand this. I'm sick, sick, sick of it.

The amount of unimportant information being lobbed at us is stupefying. If I didn't work in media, I'd have nothing to do with it.

Except for The Office. Especially the British version.

Seth Ward said...

I know right? It kinda makes you wonder if the Amish aren't on to something there.

I do love the Office with a passion. The British office is coming close to surpassing the American. I was just recently introduced to it. More subtlety in the British. I love the dance episode in the British version. Laughing thinking about it.

Baca's Head said...

me too, my too! Except I've always thought about a monastery, except with Shann...don't know how that would work, but for me it does.

Seth Ward said...

Actually that would have to be the greatest monastery EVER. Pray all day with your wife and then have sex. Geeze.