Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Little Known Historical Facts

Sultan of sultan, conqueror on three continents, Suleyman I shook the world of the 16th century as he raised the Ottoman Empire to the height of its glory. Known to Europeans as the Magnificent and to his subjects as the Lawgiver, he was both brilliant strategist and equitable administrator.

He had only one thorn in his side, one flaw. For years he was stricken with chronic weeping. It made his enemies laugh, as he demanded their surrender. "OOOOHHH look at the little crybaby Sultan. Go cry to your mommy SuleyGIRL. hahahah" This of course was a poor choice of words for the enemy and Suleyman was ruthless in his revenge.

After he had conquered the three continents, it was then discovered that the large Onion on his head was the primary cause for his unwanted tears. The following change in accoutrement also improved his standing with the desert ladies. Suleyman could finally live up to his "Magnificent" reputation in EVERY way.

His former tailor was beheaded. Twice.


Mz Jackson said...

You scamp! That was too funny.
I think the girl in the picture in the post below that is much better looking than the guy with the onion on his head, don't you? Tee hee.

Herbert S. Crotch said...

I think you should check your source!