Friday, January 23, 2009


I need to take a moment here to talk about a good friend of mine.

My friend Tan is probably one of the most generous and kind-hearted people that I know. If I were to get started on all the things that he has done to help people, without expecting a THING in return, I'd be here all night. Instead, I'll just let you in on the latest installment of unexpected Tan-niceness. (Hopefully, he won't mind.)

A few days ago I called Tan (who knows EVERYTHING about cameras and soundboards and mixing and video editing) for advice on the best fancy camera to buy for my (meager) buck. Amber needs some new headshots and I felt it was time to bite the bullet and buy a camera. It was either that or pay an incredible amount of money for someone to take pictures that I could have taken if I had owned the camera instead of them. The ones that I couldn't take myself are done in studios that cost in the several thousand range.

Anywho... so I told Tan about the camera I was thinking about and he did some research for me, since it was a new model. A few minutes later, he called me back and told me that the camera that I was looking at was fine, but he soon had me convinced that I didn't really need to spend the money and that he would LOAN me his expensive and amazing camera until I had what I needed. Now, even if I lived around the corner, that would be nice enough. But Tan is in Houston. I am in New York. The man took time out of his busy schedule, (and I mean BUSY) boxed up the camera and lens, batteries and discs and sent the whole kit'n'kaboodle UPS. In doing so, he saved the Wards about 1,200-2000 bucks. (Good, competitive headshots are expensive, as are good/descent cameras with the fancy lenses)

And my friends, that is just one of the many goodness's that come out of the man on a daily basis. I have a hard time lending people a pencil. If it weren't for Amber, my family probably wouldn't get any Christmas presents because I'm so forgetful. And cheap.

So, I thought I'd just take a moment here and say, THANK YOU to a good friend that I do not deserve. So Tan, being the true sap that I am, I'd like to dedicate this Youtube video to you. (This song... just gets me... every... time. Snif.)


Super Churchlady said...

Seth - I couldn't agree more! Tan is so pure of heart. He is so generous and kind. He radiates calm. I'm proud to have him as my friend as well. And...he has GREAT hair.

Tan Truong said...

Hey thanks so much for writing about it. It surprised me that you did and I am humbled at the same time. I always enjoy helping out whenever I can. These blessings are meant to be shared and I think I am also trying to make this world a better place by being a good neighbor. I love you both.

Popcorn said...
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Popcorn said...

Tan Truong is truly one of the most extraordinarily kind people I've ever met. Gentle and generous and unusually selfless. The Popcorns love you Tan. And that little girl of yours is beautiful!