Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Next Book On My Reading List

Let me get something straight here. I'm not with Limbaugh. I don't hope Obama fails. Why in the hell would I hope that? From the beginning, the only real beef (a big beef) I've had with Obama has been with his views on abortion. I don't hate Obama. I actually like the guy. I think he's a good family man and he's got integrity. Yes, he's a politician. And because of that he's probably part-scumbag, but as scumbags go, he's pretty squeaky clean.

My biggest problem, through this WHOLE election, and even now, has been with the stinking, slobbering, Obiased media. And my reasons are good. They have betrayed us. Just as Richard Nixon betrayed his country by lying and cheating, the Press has left their CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED rights at the door in exchange for an Obamopiate, a love potion number 9.

They really, really screwed this up. The media's job is to keep the politicians in line. It is their job to provide UNBIASED reporting to the American people. From the beginning of the campaign, they not only fell in love with Obama, but they fell in love with the moment. Now, they have lost a very valuable thing: trust. I can no longer turn on NBC and trust that they will be providing me with an unbiased report. They now have to cover their asses. They played a MAJOR role in turning Obama into the rockstar that he is and now they have to protect that. They are accountable. They are now responsible if Obama's "progressive taxation" policies (i.e. socialist) do not work. They have stepped into a realm that was not theirs to step into. I'm sorry, I know it is an emotional time. But save your tears for the bar after you report the dadgum news.

And now they are in a pickle. The burden of any possible failure is partially on their shoulders now. I honestly feel that the ENTIRE NBC staff should be fired. I'm serious. I'm not talking about MSNBC or FOX here. I'm talking about the non-"opinion"-columnists. I'm talking about the "Journalists."

Because right now, journalism is dead.

(p.s., I'm sorry folks for the continued ranting here about the media. What can I say? I'm half-Irish.)


Bill Hensley said...

The media has failed you in another way, Seth. They aren't telling the whole story on this Limbaugh thing. If you listen to what he actually said, it boils down to, "I don't agree with Obama's agenda and I hope he fails to accomplish it." And that is a sentiment I would agree with completely. I want Obama to succeed in the sense that I want him to be a good president for the United States. But "being a good president" means enacting good policies, and so if he is advocating bad policies I hope he fails in that effort. I believe that's all Limbaugh was trying to say. Naturally, he said it in a way that raises his opponents' ire, but the actual content of his statement is not being reported accurately. Congressional Democrats are cynically using this distortion of Limbaugh's position to advance their own agenda and the MSM is playing right into their hand - as usual.

Tully said...

Just one question...isn't Limbaugh also considered part of the "media?"

The days of "fair and balanced" reporting are gone, kids. Fox is conservative, MSNBC is liberal...and the rest are all over the map.

This is where we might actually have to use our own critical thinking skills to differentiate between the spin and the facts - no matter which network you are watching.

Seth Ward said...

Bill, yeah... I did get that part, and I do fear that the policies that are being implemented will fail, however, I don't want them too. I'd prefer a healthy economy to a sick one any day. I honestly believe that the policies we had in the Bush admin weren't bad, they were just abused. It was the abuse of power and greed, and lack of regulation that got us here. Now power-hungry lunatics like Pelosi are denying that they had any part in its demise. You should watch the Fanny and Freddie hearings that happened a few years back when both Pelosi and Frank vehemently defended the crap going on there. Now they act like they've been harping against it from the beginning. SICKENING.

Tully, No, he is not. Never has been. He is a commentator, an entertainer, like Paul Harvey except a WHOLE lot more opinionated. Yes people listen to him, too much, but even they KNOW that they are getting unbalanced and biased opinion, and Rush has no problem admitting it, "I am a conservative." Neither are Shaun H, or Rachel M or Keith O.

Now, I have to say... Bill O'reilly won some points with me with his Obama interview. I thought that was the best interview I had seen of Obama and full of real, tough questions but not mean. I even think they liked each other. Bill O'reilly thinks Obama is a brilliant guy and hopes he succeeds. I actually came out of that interview LIKING Barry more. Also, O'reilly has slammed Rush for blaming everyone but Bush for the problems we've been having.

I DID like Hannity and Colmes. (Colmes just retired.) At least we knew which was liberal and which was conservative. Most people that tune in to Shaun Hannity were conservatives and at least Shaun had a dissenting view on there, unlike Rush. It was from Colmes that I heard the phrase, "can you catch marxism from sitting on a panel with a marxist?" Love it.

No, the Journalism that you EXPECT to see completely clean is the network or public television journalists. Charlie Gibson has been the closest to the mark as far as fair... and even HE was a tad on the tainted side with Palin. From Couric to Brokaw (on his guest appearances and commentating) they've been slobbering, and I mean SLOBBERING at Obama's feet since he stepped into their midst.

The free press has soft-balled Obama from the beginning. Even SNL spoofed it when Obama was running against Clinton. However, the spoofs ended when the real election started. Even SNL turned a blind-eye.

operamom said...

I just have one comment, or question....can we fire Katie Couric first?

Susanne said...

Here's the difference:
When someone tunes in to Limbaugh (or Franken), they know they're going to hear biased commentary. But when we turn our TVs on to NBC or any of the other major networks, we like to know that we get unbiased reporting. That doesn't happen anymore. Fox News is much more balanced than NBC, ABC, or CBS. They at least try to share all of the facts with us.

And as far as Charlie Gibson goes, did you read the actual interview and compare it to what aired on TV? Talk about journalism being dead...what he and ABC did should be considered slanderous and criminal. They totally turned her comments around by taking them out of context. Scary. I used to like Charlie, but I have no respect for him now.

My favorite reporter is Robin Roberts (Good Morning America). It's never obvious to me which party she is affiliated with. She's just a good reporter. Oh - and her cousin played basketball at Mississippi State, so she has to be cool. :)