Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Priorities

Three Days into office and President Obama has done two major things to help with the limping economy. As more and more Americans lose their jobs Obama feels it is important to give the terrorists their rights and some new prison digs. Awesome.

Then next thing that needs to be done is to delegate tax payer money - you know, all that money that we have to spend - on more abortion funding. Double Awesome. I just wish he had put a touching segment about terrorist rights and abortion funding in his MGM Studio sap film before his election. These things seem to be the impetus of his presidency so far. I mean, if only he had showed his passions for these things more clearly, he'd have had me at "Change."

I gotta say, I'm impressed. Man, so far... I really kicking myself for not voting for him. However, maybe in a few months we'll be paying for illegal immigrants to have free insurance... One can only hope. The audacity of such a thing.


Susanne said...

You're forgetting about the 18 people he had killed in Pakistan today. That's a lot for only a few days in office...but funny how we didn't hear much about it through the "media." I guess it's okay to kill civilians if you're a Democrat president??????

Susanne said...

I also agree with Dennis Miller when he said that they should move all the Gitmo prisoners to Bill Ayers' place in Chicago. :)

Anonymous said...

Seth, I love your blogs! So true. I read the following in this Women's Health mag article (perhaps he's just trying to get rid of his important distractions, Gitmo and killing children):

Refer to Lesson 4:

Lesson 4: Organize distractions right out of your life
Clearly, Obama knows how to manage groups. By the time your outfit has its own plane, it had better have a solid pilot.

"I'm part of an organization," he said, speaking of his campaign team, "and one of the things I really try to push is to make sure that everybody is focused on the two or three things that are really going to make a difference. I ask them to design my schedule in a way that focuses on being active instead of reactive.

"The most difficult thing is to carve out time to think, which is probably the most important time for somebody who's trying to shift an organization, or in this case, the country, as opposed to doing the same things that have been done before. And I find that that time slips away."

His solution: delegate. "I don't spend a lot of time returning calls or e-mails. If somebody needs something, usually somebody else can handle it. Eliminating TV has been helpful."

But, he confesses, "I'm still a sucker for SportsCenter."

I especially like the "no time to think" part (I guess he delegates that out), but he has time for SportsCenter.

Which is why I think he addressed the original discussed topics first and got them out of the way - so he can focus on why he truly wanted to become president, to save the BCS:

Tully said...

Ok, ok…easy kids! I sit back with skeptic eyes and watch what has been less than a week of an Obama Presidency – I think it would be a tad premature for me (or any of us) to already get nervous as to what he’s going to do with his administration – but I remain cautiously optimistic (emphasis on cautiously).

Terrorist rights? Or preserving the tenets of the Geneva Conventions to prisoners of war (which is what sparked this whole Gitmo controversy). Their rights are limited and they are criminals, but torture and human rights violations are unacceptable by members of this country, military, or administration…otherwise we are no better than the corrupted leadership of one Saddam Hussein, no?

Now, Susanne…you don’t really want me to dig up statistics on how many civilians our last president killed, do you? Let’s not start a head count comparison between Bush and Obama – not only is it morbid, but I also think it’s oversimplifying things just a little…what happened in Pakistan was brewing long before the changing of the guard – whereas what happened in Iraq/Afghanistan was all decided on by a single administrative team. It goes without saying that I don’t advocate innocent civilians becoming casualties of war no matter who the president is!

Anonymous said...

FOCA doesn't make you nervous Tully? Even if you're "pro-choice" (i.e. the mother's choice, forget the baby's needs), are you really comfortable with partial birth abortion? I think it's pretty obvious where this admin is going....

Tully said...

No, I'm not comfortable with parial birth abortion...but this is a complex debate, not one that is going to get solved on poor Seth's blog. ;)