Thursday, December 25, 2008


I had the hardest time resisting the purchase of this here black Santa. I just wanted to stand and stare at it for minutes upon minutes.

Honestly, I would like a whole ethnic collection of Santas. The Iranian Santa would be cool with his Sultan's sword and all... or a Jamaican Santa with dreadlocks, a black-hemp belt and a big bag of cannabis. How bout a TBN Santa with a big giant purple and blond wig and tons of eye-shadow. Yeah, that would be cool too. Or "Catholic Santa," all dressed up in a Bishop robe... wait, now we are talking about the historical, real-life Saint Nick and that's just boring.


Hope you are all stocked up on ugly sweaters, pearly white underwear, and old-man dress socks!


Audrey said...

more like ipod for me:-)

Seth Ward said...


Welcome to the Mac family!

Tully said...

What the ----??? :) Seriously, not the biggest fan of Christmas and certainly not racist...but don't mess with Santa's image, yo!!! I mean, isn't anything sacred?