Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make it Stop

Is anyone else besides me getting tired of Britney? The time has come to move on, world. Britney graduated from naughty catholic schoolgirl to a wasted, bald, panty-less tragedy and we put her there. And I thought that was the end. I had moved on with my life. I thought the parents (may they someday be lashed and beaten for the shameful prostitution of this girl) had intervened and Britney was on her way to becoming a human being. Obama had replaced all talk about Britney and we were moving into Miley territory. (Not much better but at least a change of face in the checkout line.)

But, but, but... WHAT? She's back? As if she were never gone and we never stopped caring about K-fed and his goal to finally steal the golden belt from Vanilla Ice as the "lamest white rapper in history-World Champion."

Please, for the love of good smutty magazines... Britney, can you please, take your sparkle nude-body suit and GO A-WAY, or at least stay out of the news??? (I did like Toxic. Cool song. A few more of those wouldn't hurt.) Otherwise, it is finally time to go the way of all sparkle nude body-suits. I can't take it anymore. It's bad enough that we are still hearing GranMadonna gyrating around and spewing her idiotic rhetoric after ALL THESE YEARS.

And just when I thought we were through with your absolutely WHITE TRASH saga, I turn around with an armful of bread and eggs to see K-FED'S nappy-ass grin juxtaposed next to some strung-out picture of you.

And Mr. Fed, Esq., do the procurers of US Weekly actually think that we still give two turd-launchers about your tremendously touching story, of how you knocked up the richest and most unstable woman ALIVE, and proceeded to sue her for ridiculous amounts of child-support money when she left your parasite-self to your McDonalds commercials??? Do you actually THINK that we CARE??? I mean, I could care less if your kids will grow up to know their mother... or if Britney actually DOES love you after all this... time... JUST LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! (sniff.)

Sheesh... I wonder if Kroger's has sold out of this week's issue... Maybe I SHOULD check up on those two... just to see if they are okay...

Someday soon, people (besides the ones who should) will stop caring about Britney Spears and K-Fed and then, then there shall be peace on earth, good will towards men.


Kelly said...

Hi Seth, love the way you crafted the note and angled with a conclusive yet catchy phrase!

Tully said...

"Getting" tired??? :)