Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Ammo For Moms

Listen up, all you Barry Manilow Mosh-ers, all you Third Day head-thumpers... Your headbanging has just been served. It is no longer safe to bang your heads at these or any other concerts. Brain damage people, brain damage.

Dr. Andrew McIntosh, biomedical and injury expert at the University Of New South Wales, sternly declared this week: "We identified a definite risk of mild traumatic brain injury from headbanging. We would suggest a proper public health warning, as for smoking."

In other words,

This is headbanging:

This is your brain on headbanging:

Any questions?


Chaotic Hammer said...

Phooey. Next they'll be telling us that mosh pits can lead to severe bruising and maybe even broken bones.

Beavis and Butthead rock, but those girls in your second picture are hideous.

Kelly said...

Lol, seriously, what's next on their list of "common sense for the public"?!