Monday, December 08, 2008

My Line

It was bound to happen. Eat your heart out Joey. You and your little girly Joey Jeans. This blog is dedicated to all those punks on my 7th grade football team that gave me wedgies because my mom had magic-markered my name on my underwear (bigger than life) to distinguish mine from my dad's. Yeah, who's laughing now? HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

(Thanks to the Hammering Hebrew and Super Churchlady for sending this picture along to me and finally bringing closure to a painful chapter of my youth.)


Super Churchlady said...

Proof that we are always thinking of you, dude.

euphrony said...

Man, no one is going to make a Euphrony line of clothes. Knowing my luck, if they do it would be adult diapers or something.

Susanne said...

How cool...jeans that are really "you!" :)
With my luck, the "Susanne" style wouldn't even fit me. I can't seem to find any jeans that fit lately. Do you think I should try on some that cost more than $20? Maybe that would help. :)