Saturday, November 01, 2008

Radical Birthday Bash

Well, it was a fine month, my friends. Last night we were invited to the neighboring street to observe the trick or treating festivities that goes on every year on 69th street. I hadn't a clue what I would be stepping into. The first thing I saw was Spiderman and Batman scaling down the wall of a Manhattan Brownstone. There were THOUSANDS of parents and kids on this one street. So cool. Joining the festivities for the night down in our neck of the woods was Conan O'brien and Robert DeNiro with their kids, just being parents. (No pictures. Sorry. Just don't do that around here. DeNiro might whack ya. Isn't that right, J? Ha!)

The kids were unbelievably cute. It was really magical. It was most definitely the best trick-or-treating extravaganza I've ever seen. Amazing. The best costumes of the night go to the Sarah Palin dog, (you thought I was exaggerating about the Obama-crazies up here... nay, people. Nay.) and John Forkner dressed up as a "Zombie" or an Obama-horny New Yorker.

Overall, it has been a pretty fantastic month. I've just darn near finished my dissertation! Wahoo! (just detail work now.) And I had one heck of a birthday. My friend Kathy Lineberger (daughter of Phil) made me a sock-hat that is just the coolest, and our friends Jeff and Verlie Payne got me the widescreen Star Wars Episode 3 DVD. Verlie Payne also owns a budding cookie business and made some stomp-my-foot-delicious cupcakes to celebrate. Yum. My parents on both sides sent gifts and there will be much deliberating about what goodies Sethro will buy in the next few days... I've got a few ideas.

Tonight, the wife and I will be feasting at Taboon and watching "W" to top off the festivities. Much Coke and Popcorn will be consumed. And Milk duds. And gummy bears. And Maalox. A review of "W" will follow shortly.

Life is grand. Soak it up.


Kristin said...

my boys would flip out seeing spiderman scaling a wall. They are huge spiderman fans.

Sounds really fun.

Super Churchlady said...

I spent a St. Patrick's Day once in NYC. That was scary enough. I can't imagine Halloween. Love the pics!!

Seth Ward said...

Kristen, I bet they'd have loved it! And so would Brody!

Superchurch, actually, it was so incredibly family-oriented that it blew me away. So many kids and their parents. The kids were surprisingly polite (not-to-mention cute) and every parent, "what do you say?" It felt a little like a blast from the past or something. Sense of community was very cool. People talking to you like they've known you for years.

I would venture to say that the upper west side is the most family-oriented/family-friendly part of NYC. There are so many babies around here that a walk in CP almost feels like a fourth of July family reunion with my family.

St. Patty's day might have been the wrong holiday to pick for family festivities... just a theory... lol.

I'll save my final family oriented judgments till after the election though. We'll see how friendly everyone gets on the off-off-off-off chance that McCain is elected.

Popcorn said...

sounds great!