Thursday, November 06, 2008

It Had To Be Posted

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Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


tully said...

Well…you didn’t “have” to…but you did! ;)

But you’re right! It’s horrific that people were inspired by someone who was just trying to make a difference. Downright shameful that they got involved (many for the first time in their lives) because they wanted to believe in the goodness of a person trying to lead us toward something more positive, something more meaningful than petty arguments and attacks, and calling us to action by leading-by-example in order to bring us together, to show compassion and tolerance for one another. Seriously, someone like that should just be crucified because he is surely not the real deal, I mean who does he think he is?

Tell me something – what does the good book tell you about those who didn’t believe Jesus Christ? What does it say about those who chose to take a leap of faith in Him?

Barack Obama is just a man, fallible, and will likely make mistakes (as we all do).

But Jesus Christ was also a groovy dude, who had some visionary ideas that naysayers mocked. He was someone who chose to rise above those “negative campaigns” and listen to them too, for he believed in His mission and His goal to change the world, with inclusion and with love. He promoted tolerance and humility, even with prostitutes who others shunned – and many, many, many people were wrong about Him when they mocked him and thought he was a fraud.

Chaotic Hammer said...

@Tully - Uh, you do realize that The Onion is a satirical site, don't you? They don't play favorites, either. They make fun of everyone and everything. :-)

Seth Ward said...

You bet I did! Not hateful, Just funny. I've seen plenty worse on John Stewart and Bill Maher. But that's one of the great beauties of our free society: the freedom to be satirical!

I'm really not bitter, nor am I faulting someone to join the political process. However, Barack followers are most certainly the most uniquely extreme group of people that I've ever encountered. The strangest thing being: Present company excluded, they tend to be incapable of having a civil conversation that might imply that Barack would not be the best choice for president.

I've listened to the Sarah stuff and have taken it into account. It affected my decision making right up to the booth. I've considered McCain's past and it affected my decision, right up to punching my vote.

In the end, I compared resumes, compared policies and voted for the man that I agreed with the most and the one who I felt would make the better president and he lost. However, the same cannot be said of Barack followers. Whatever was brought up by either his democratic opponents in the primaries or by the evil Republicans in the election about him... Barack could do no wrong and to fault him for anything or question his record was tantamount to heresy and in some cases the challenges lead to violence, though hardly publicized. SNL even did a similar piece about the media in the primaries.

I think some Obama supporters (who found him to be the best choice and not Messiah) would think this video is funny as well. The funny thing for me is that I know these people. They surround me every day. There really is a void. Many don't know what to do and are now about the business of picking fights and converting those who still believe that Barack is wrong for the country. Two already tonight that I witnessed. Brought it up, unprovoked. Asked who I voted for and proceeded to try to convert me and turned ugly when I presented logical explanations for voting for McCain. The crap really started flying when Palin was brought up. Big surprise.

However, as a fellow American, I have to respect that. They have the right to express their views, but so do I. I hope he proves me wrong, and if he does, I just might vote for him in 4 years. I'm most certainly not going to jump behind him in blind faith. This is not Nazi Germany here after all. The same blind hope was given to Hitler who just happened to promise a revival of German greatness while the country was facing horrible financial crisis and the lowest moral. (No, I don't think Barack is Hitler, it is just a point that the smartest people can be deceived in critical times.) No, this is American. To be American is to think independently and freely.

Come to think of it... using your Logic, could you not say the same thing for Sarah Palin? Remember, Barack was just as guilty as she was about slinging accusations. He was just more stealth and savvy, and in the end, more self-righteous about it. In the end, he was smarter about it and he won. It's the nature of the game, Tully my friend. You don't get to be president by playing fair or nice. American politics is the sewer. Always has been that way and always will. Our best hope is that we get the cleanest and less-diseased rat to run the country. May sound cynical, but if you want squeaky clean politicians, move to Canada. The Lawyers sent to Alaska to destroy Palin's reputation were paid for with his money. He did the same thing when running for Senate the first time and he achieved his goal smashingly. No dirt there, just the facts. Well documented by CCN and MSNBC themselves, though reported with kid-gloves.

About the comparison to the Son of God... if we are going to compare Barack Obama to the Son of God and savior of mankind... then we are talking crazy. And being a professed Christian himself, Barack would agree. (and has, to his credit, in public when called that by American Islamic leaders.)

Whatever the case, Obama is no Messiah. He is a politician. He will be our first Black President. A historical moment for America. A "golden moment," as far as racial equality for sure. However, like you said, unlike the Lord, he is a flawed human just like the rest of us, and again, unlike the Lord, he has sinned and will continue to sin as we all will.

The fact that some people do compare him to Jesus is what is scary to me. The Lord, he is not. A brilliant politician, great orator, and good writer he is. I hope and pray he lives up to all that has been put on his shoulders. I really do. I have to say though; the first appointment to his cabinet doesn't seem promising. He appointed the democratic-political equivalent to Rumsfeld. A total hardcore bulldog-ninja. Hopefully there will be a Condi RIce in there or a Powell to balance the cabinet. Lord knows we need it. Never in the history of our country has there been a good presidency when it is left unchecked by a majority of the same party ruling the Senate and Congress. Never. I can still hope though.

Also, I think Jesus and Barack might differ on their views of abortion, but that's just a guess.

And make no mistake about this: Jesus loved everyone, saint and sinner but was intolerant of sin. Yes he did not stone the prostitute, but he said, "Go and sin no more." Tolerance to Jesus did not mean, "Anything goes, let's party!" There was a radical repentance that occurred whenever anyone followed him and the life that they once lived to sin, they left behind.

He alone can offer forgiveness and peace. Barack cannot. He alone can wash away ever sin. Barack can cut our taxes. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Barack is a good father and a advocate for Planned Parenthood.

In fact, Jesus would have been a horrible politician because he told the truth, at all times because he was and is the truth. If Barack would have told the total truth about the sermons he witness, he probably wouldn't have been elected.

Whatever the case, as a Christian, I believe that when the Lord comes again, he will judge the living and dead and Barack will be in that group with the rest of us.

That's the big difference.

One thing is for sure; if you are looking for a reaction out of Christians, then please compare Obama to Jesus Christ.

Lastly, I will put no such total faith in any man other than the Lord. McCain or Obama or even my incredible Dad. The presidency is a job. The most important leadership job there is, but a job. I will vote for the man or woman that I think will do the best work under the circumstance, but I know that they will eventually eff something up. Because everyone will all eventually let you down. Even the very best of them. Again, to his credit, he admitted this himself.

I can hope for the best in any man, including myself, but I will only put my undying faith in one man, Jesus the Messiah. I will be hoping Barack does a smashing job running the business and armed forces, but I will be using my brain in the meantime to make the best choices for me and my loved ones, and in four years that just might mean another "no" vote for Barry if he sucks. After all, at one time even Bush had one of the top 3 most popular ratings of any president ever. Oh how the tides can change by the failings of man.

I refuse to forfeit my free will and God-given discernment, no matter how many Barackites try, "believe in Barack or get the hell out." I will not get caught up in the emotionalism of this moment, though I will recognize the things that are meaningful and good and rejoice in them. I will continue to think clearly and rationally. I will continue to make sound judgments and be wise as a serpent and harmless as a lamb.

It is my duty as a child of God given a free will, and it is my right as an American citizen- given the freedom to vote my conscience and think for myself for the good of myself and my fellow citizens. I will respect those who adore Obama, but I also expect the same respect from my fellow American for my right to think to show reserve for someone so untested.

The fact that people cannot find humor in this video is a sign that they are too emotionally involved. No one griped about the Palin and McCain impersonations... I didn't. I tuned in every single time. So did the rest of America. And NO ONE griped about the Bush impersonations...

But do a Obama supporter satire and you are just mean spirited and incapable of "hope!" I think not. Political satire is needed. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves, or we grow horribly arrogant. When the political satire is silenced in a culture, you know you've got some seeeeeerious problems.

Sorry for ramble...

Nice try though with the whole Barack=Jesus bit.


Tully said...

Yeah, I kind of figured that was coming. ;) Barack is not the Messiah…and yes, just a man. The point I was trying to make is that people – for centuries – underestimate the inherent decency that is in all of us. Perhaps the wrong crowd to make that point with because less conservative (non-believing crowds) actually accuse me of being preachy when I go there – just awesomely interesting how differently people react based on their vantage point (and I mean that). Those who underestimate the power of faith, hope, and love and doubt those who say they want to change the world, mock them, point out their flaws, and generally go back to the business of being cynical are the people I pray for the most. I guess the video implied that if you support Obama, then you were just a mindless drone (and it hit a nerve because I saw it on Fork’s blog first with a bunch of snarky comments).

Here is where I’m coming from. I didn’t even get involved in this election until after the primaries (because, uhm, I had things like a job, and a life…etc.). ;) I paid attention to it peripherally only because it was a woman vs. a black man (and that made for interesting headlines). I didn’t care who the Democrats picked because I was pretty sure I was voting for McCain…my US Senator here in Arizona. I’ve lived here since 1995, know a lot about him, for the most part he hasn’t effed things up, and him being a moderate Republican was within my comfort zone. We didn’t see eye to eye on the issue of abortion politically – but since I’m personally against abortion and would never fathom the notion of having one…didn’t really let that sway me away from McCain. I believed the “Maverick” when he said that he would not go dirty! I respected him for taking that stand early one! He was my pick.

I hated Hillary (one word, panderer) and didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her – and respected her even less when she turned into the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic Party! Once Obama was selected, then I started to pay attention…not because I supported him, but because I was curious as to “WhoTF is this guy?” But as a free-willed thinker myself, I listened. I listened to both sides and what they had to say. I was struck that McCain seemed to only talk about Obama, and Obama seemed to talk about us, as a nation, as one country. That got my attention.

McCain went back on his word and I quickly became “undecided!” It was clear to me that McCain wasn’t running his campaign, the GOP machine was (once again) and I was let down by my Senator who promised he wouldn’t be manipulated. Then came Sarah – another GOP stunt (and Fork, read all the way through this before you blast me) and she became the antithesis of not only what McCain was to us in Arizona, but nothing about what they were saying squared with me anymore.

First they criticized Obama for being a “celebrity” but then they picked someone who became as much if not more of a celebrity than Obama (and people followed her with blind faith, did they not). Next they criticized him on his “lack of experience” but then they picked someone who had less experience to qualify for VP than many other Republican choices (Powell, Romney, etc.). On one hand they had her touting her “executive experience” and in the other it was her being a “Washington outsider” (kind of contradictory on some levels). Then came the economic meltdown…and McCain (reading off of his GOP note cards) said the “fundamentals of the economy were sound” but then hours later tried to say that we had just “misunderstood” him – did we ever hear McCain’s real voice?

I listened, and found myself surprised to have more faith in Obama than in my Senator from Arizona.

And here is why I just couldn’t vote for McCain: During the campaign it was painfully clear that the GOP hijacked his Maverickness (the same GOP who brought us President Bush)…thanks but no thanks. When Palin hit the scene I was open, but then some of the stuff that was coming out of her mouth was just so offensive and off-putting that I couldn’t hear it anymore – she was clearly a GOP puppet as well.

When we heard McCain’s gracious concession speech, a lot of us from Arizona said out loud “THERE you are – where the hell have you been during this whole campaign?” Now that the GOP is trying to use Sarah Palin as a piƱata to blame the lost election on (and “gang raping” her more than the media ever did)…and listening to her talk without the scripts and pressure of her handlers in the GOP…even I can concede that there is something endearing about her…but where was SHE during this whole campaign? The things the GOP camp is saying about her now are sickening…they decided to put her on this ticket, they are the ones who “sold” her to the public, and now that they lost, they want to use her as a scapegoat for why they lost. I blame the GOP first and foremost, I blame the Maverick second for not doing what he has historically done (pushing back) and he should have told the GOP to piss off as soon as he got the nomination (I mean what were they going to do, take it back?), and I do hold Palin accountable for her own choices…for not realizing earlier that she was picked as political ploy and “going rogue” sooner. What would have been kick ass is if McCain and Palin had come together, gotten on the same page, and staged a coup against the GOP to run as their true selves, run their own campaign and crafted their OWN message of hope. I can tell you they would have won – I would have taken my chances on the Maverick.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – and the GOP thought they had absolute power that no one could challenge. They broke the Maverick! They broke Palin (and are shamefully exploiting her now)! I firmly believe that the American Electorate voted for Obama because they were not going to be broken too!

Stephen said...

Great points, Seth. I'm currently reading Tim Keller's The Reason for God, and in the chapter I read yesterday, The Problem of Sin, he writes, "If we get our very identity, our sense of worth, from our political position, then politics is not really about politics, it is about us. Through our cause we are getting a self, our worth. That means we must despise and demonize the opposition."

And he ends that chapter section with, "The real culture war is taking place inside our own disordered hearts, wracked by inordinate desires for things that control us, that lead us to feel superior and exclude those without them, and that fail to satisfy us even when we get them."

Anonymous said...

Tully I am embarrassed for you.

Christopher Lake said...


"Inherent decency" in all of us? What about original sin?

Susanne said...

Great points, Seth. I totally agree. Jesus loved everyone, of course, but he did say to "go and sin no more." That was a command. Too many people miss that.

And I've noticed the "unicorns and rainbows" mentality that so many Obama supporters have right now. So many of them are all glassy-eyed like they've been brainwashed or something. They think he'll change their lives and fix everything. Not gonna happen. I heard one lady interviewed who said, "Now I won't have to worry about paying for my gas or my mortgage! I helped him, now he's gonna help me!" Meanwhile, Obama campaign workers are standing outside their Indiana headquarters wondering why they haven't been paid yet. I think this is a foreshadowing of people waiting for their tax refunds. They're gonna have a long wait. Look for your taxes to go up, inflation to go up, etc. etc. etc. I pray I'm wrong, because I sure would like for my kids to get to go to college. Hang in there, Seth! Turn the other cheek to those guys. And in 6 months or so when they start complaining about their plight, you can say, "Don't blame me, I voted for McCain."

When I first heard about Emanuel being Chief of Staff, I thought, "Oh great...he's a big jerk, a big liberal, and he's from Chicago of all places." But one thing that gives me a bit of hope is that Emanuel served as a civilian volunteer for the Israeli military during the Gulf War (see Wikipedia). I would think that means that the guy has an allegiance to Israel and that he will be able to influence Obama to help Israel. We're Israel's only friend...their only hope. If we turn our back on Israel, then Iran will blow them off the map.

tully said...

A couple of things and then I wish you all the best. One thing I’ve figured out during this election (and these discussions) is that people don’t want to be challenged, they don’t want to understand anyone who doesn’t think just like they do, they don’t want to be asked about their beliefs or confronted with some of the inherent disconnects in their logic (and when they are, they revert to the good ol’ “Christian’s are human and are sinners” rhetoric)! They just want a posse of like-minded drones agreeing with them, patting them on the back and saying “Amen brother.” It’s not worth the energy to continue posting comments only to get blasted with the Jesus shield. And while you all are sitting smugly in your chairs thinking “we sure showed her” by running me off – realize that my life continues to go on without this drama and all you’ve left me with is the affirmation that the hypocrisy in Christianity is alive and well! I’ll save you the retorts, I won’t be back!

“Anonymous” – if you had any courage at all, you would post your words and OWN them. I may not be a member of the “God Squad” or saying what is “popular”, but at least when I speak my mind, I own my thoughts and take responsibility for them.

Brainwashed…no more so than those who voted for someone just because they are Republican or Conservative without caring too much what happens to our country (G.W. Bush!!!). Sorry if I posses critical thinking skills and can actually think for myself without having to consult the Bible every time I make a decision. But please don’t “pray for me” – God and I will work it out when my passing comes.

I hear a lot of complaining about the situation our country finds ourselves in…but, hey, “don’t blame me, I DIDN’T vote for Bush!”

Anonymous said...

Ok- laughing out loud. I like Obama and loved the historic nature of the election- but I also love me some sarcasm

Christopher Lake said...


Um, in that last comment, it seems like you meant to write at the beginning, "Several generalized insults against conservative Christians and then I wish you all the best." :-)

Mike Roberson said...

haha, but so true. I was at the Texans Game today and someone had an Obama sign with them raising it up every change they got, seriously?