Monday, November 17, 2008


I have to admit... I've been less than motivated to blog lately. During my travels in the past few weeks, I wrote quite a few entries but didn't publish them. So, while I'm experiencing blog-drought, would anyone be interested in reading those? I know that's of a cop-out, but they are posts that I never got the chance to slap up on the internet.

If just one person comes says, "Aye" I won't keep posting endless 80's work out gurus while I work out my writer's blogck... or bloredome, or whatever it is that is just making me want to drink carmel apple cider from starbucks and stare out the window every time I sit down at the computer.

Btw, tonight, while I was standing on my awesome deck minding my own business, I did see (and hear) two people doing the shig-nasty in the apartment across the way. That was interesting. Get some curtains for crying out loud. No, I didn't linger. Well, maybe a little. But wouldn't you???? How many times do you see something like that? Don't answer that.

That was a new one for me.

Now that you are distracted by that last story, don't forget my question lest you get a couple weeks worth of that lady with glam-rock hair who looks like she is taking a tooty in her workout jumpsuit.


The Aimful Wanderer said...

I hate blog-drought. I've been having one for months. I type out really long posts and then I'm like "Huh. This post is so long I'm bored by it now. No one will read past paragraph seventeen."

Where on earth did you find a deck? Like a roof deck or like 'Hey, I'm stepping out on my balcony in my underoos to feed the pigeons.' My girlfriend has a fire escape. Its kind of like a deck. Only not really at all.

Becky said...

And THAT is why I HATE apartment life.

Seth Ward said...

Aimful, we found it by luck. We were ready to sign on another apartment when I asked the realtor if he had anything else we might be interested in before we signed. He reluctantly told us that he had another smaller apartment for the same price with a deck that wasn't listed yet. The rest is of course history. It is dreamy. But I also like the fire-escape decks. Those are fun and it feels like you are being sneaky or something. Unless, of course, the fire escape hasn't been taken care of and could end your life if you bounced too aggressively.

Becky, awe, it isn't bad. It's actually quite Rear Window-ish. There is a fashion designer that lives in on apartment and it is kinda fun to watch him create new styles in his huge studio. He gets all into it. Sometimes i hear a concert pianist flailing away in another apartment, practicing on some incredible concerto or sonata. The other night I had a conversation with another guy on his deck across from ours. He and his wife are lawyers that just moved to town. He and I discussed how we were probably the only people in NYC who voted for McCain. Very fun. I've never known my neighbors so well.

The Cachinnator said...


Chaotic Hammer said...

Blog-wise, my whole life is a blog-drought.

Well that, and I'm in California for a week and a half on business, and don't have much access to computers and stuff.

I have no laptop, PDA, etc. But don't feel badly for me -- it's by design that I don't have those things. :-)

But I hope you'll still put all your posts up, Seth. You could pretty much take a crap and an interesting blog post would come out.

Chaotic Hammer said...

(Hmmm. In hindsight, that last part of my previous comment may have been a bit much. But you get the idea.)

Seth Ward said...

Not really! You'll see with the next post.