Monday, November 03, 2008

A Little Word From Piper Before You Vote: If you haven't already...

The only one that I disagree with is his first point. I see his point, but I don't see how being Governor wouldn't fall under that edict of his... The rest, he really hits some very important things. Especially for Christians. Listen up! I particularly needed to hear that last bit...

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Becky said...

He is a very smart man.

What a great perspective ... seeing an economic recession as an opportunity for the Gospel to be understood in a way it never could in other circumstances.

Tully said...

Good piece to watch, thank you for sharing it. Given that I don’t subscribe to a specific faith (inviting the ridicule that usually comes with that), I’m challenged in the notion of carrying a torch for scriptures (per se) but I still very much agree that the most trying times in life, or in our society, is the best time to lead by example and draw people closer to God and to what is REALLY important in life (no matter what faith you practice).

Ouch…I guess he is entitled to his opinion on “womanhood” (although I find it interesting that he even knows what that means given that he doesn’t have a uterus) – but where in the Bible does it say a woman shouldn’t be commander in chief? Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman, and even I would admit that I would rather work for a man than a woman (sorry ladies, but all the female bosses I’ve had have been really evil) – but that’s not because of the Bible…I just think men are more rational (yes, I admit it, ok)! :)

I can only hope that people aren’t voting for Obama because he is half black any more than I hope that they aren’t voting against him for the same reason. Yes, it does have a historical connotation associated with it (no question), but to vote on that reason alone is terrible…vote for or against him because of his politics and for no other reason.

Abortion…touchy subject…and it’s not just associated with race, but I do agree that it’s horrific. I don’t agree with overturning Roe v. Wade, but I do think we need to do a better job of preventing pregnancies that aren’t planned (whatever that means to each individual family). Education, education, education!!! The part that frustrates me about his comment is that he talks about 12 million dead black babies as a result of abortion – but there are many, many wanted African American children who die in their first year of life due to the poor healthcare system, particularly in the lower classes. Young women who got pregnant, didn’t have prenatal care, aren’t taking their babies to well-baby exams, and the infant mortality rate is soaring for this demographic. Abortion is soooo avoidable and preventable, but I do wish we would be as concerned about those babies who are already born and living below poverty level, with poor healthcare, malnutrition, and the risks associated with living in lower income housing as we are about this controversial issue of abortion.

BUT…AMEN to the fact that we should not invest our whole selves into politics the way we often do. What will be, will be…and if we can just see past our differing perspectives to coexist and fight for the greater good…well that my friend would be a wonderful, wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've seen this YouTube video, but totally worth the watch! I just happened to stumble upon it the other day:

Search under "BTW I'm Voting Mccain/Palin" by machosauceproduction in case the link doesn't show up

Chaotic Hammer said...

I more or less decided to lay low this election season. I entered discussions a bit here and there, but as is my introvert/observer nature, I tried to avoid entering the fray too much. Actually, my reasons for this are mostly personal and have to do with some things the Lord began in my heart several years ago.

Politics and me just don't mix well. I'm frankly incapable of getting too involved in such 'Us vs. Them' activities and keeping a right attitude in my heart. It doesn't matter which "side" one is on in these things, the undertow and overtones are overwhelming to me, and I have to be careful where that takes me.

I enjoy John Piper's stuff, he's always been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me, particularly his strong teachings on the sovereignty of God. I already reached the same conclusions a long time ago -- that regardless of what happens with this election or America in general, we look to a King and Kingdom that this world's systems know nothing about. It's a message of hope, redemption, and reconciliation. I intend to live it out with the Lord's help, each and every day. This is not changed by who holds power at any given time.

@Tully - Nobody here will ridicule you, and Seth would not tolerate it if they did. We love a good and civilized discussion of differing viewpoints on pretty much everything and anything you like. I hope you'll stick around. You make a valuable addition to the conversation here.

euphrony said...

Good thoughts. He hits it on the head - too many Christians are too interested in the state of earthly kingdoms and forget their focus on the heavenly kingdom.

(C-Ham, it sure is a good thing that Seth tolerates our ridiculing him a little, now and then.)

Popcorn said...

Encouraging. Thanks.

Super Churchlady said...

Yes. We all need a dose of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Meh... I don't care for Piper in general. Here he makes a few good points and some lousy ones. I'll just say that I agree with you that his first point is worthless. His others have merits and flaws both, but his first point is worthless.

Seth Ward said...

Becky, the churches have been filled here lately. Well, not this past week. The market has been up. But hey, at least they are showing up!

Tully, I hate to say this as well, but... the worst bosses I've ever had were women. I don't know if that coincidence, but hey, you are a woman and seem to be giving a pretty rational explanation, so, I'll take your word for it!. And since you are so rational, I bet you'd make a good boss! And C-hammer's right, no ridiculing on this here blog.

"vote for or against him because of his politics and for no other reason" - right on, sister and good point about the healthcare system. Hadn't thought about that one!

anon, interesting and entertaining. Who is that guy?

C-hammer, I hear you. I'm going to vote today, but I'm dreading it. I want to wear a Sarah Palin shirt when I do.

Euphrony, if a man can't take positive ridicule from his friends, how is he supposed to learn anything?

Popcorn, your welcome!

Superchurch, how's this for perspective? Seth is coming your way!!!! wahoo!

Cach,... dagnabbit son. I hate to bring this up, but yes, I usually have the same reaction to Piper. From all accounts, he is a wonderful pastor and man, but most times I come away from his sermons scratching my head and trying not to disagree with at least one or two things... Most things I disagree with when it comes to Piper's teachings have to do with heaven, and Calvinism. Now, add woman presidency to that. Most of that comes from me being a N.T. Wright man and a non-Calvinist. (No, my Calvinist friends out there, that does not make me an Arminian. There's a theology that's been around longer than both of them...) I would be interested in the other places where you were in disagreement. The only other thing that I caught was his view of Heaven and this Earth. If you don't want to type it here, call me up!

Tully said...

Voting may not be as bad as you think…I was expecting long lines and there wasn’t one AT ALL. Got in and out in 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe it – I must have gone right after a rush!

As for being rational…I have my moments, but will admit that I don’t like managing people because I don’t enjoy the professional babysitting involved and when pushed too far, tend to become irrational myself. We women are an emotional bunch…I hate it, but it’s true…so I’m not so sure that I want a woman anywhere near that nuke button! ;)

Susanne said...

Thanks for posting this, Seth. He did have some good points, especially that God is in control. Things might not work out the way we would like for them to, but God has a plan in everything.

And Tully, I totally agree about working with men vs. women! When I was an engineer, I enjoyed (for the most part) a pleasant working environment, with mostly male coworkers. My mom is a teacher, though, and she's seen some nasty office politics in the schools she's worked in. And I've heard the same story from so many teacher friends. I'm sure it's because her coworkers were mostly female. Is it because women talk more about their feelings? I don't know. I do know that I'd take a male boss over a female one any day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who he is, a friend sent me this video first (it's ok but gets a little creepy in the middle) and I saw the machosauce one( off it