Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fullness of Time...

So we are entering into the Advent season here, friends, and last year I started (but did not finish) a series called "The Fullness of Time." Not to terribly original of a title, however, it is a subject that greatly interests me, and I should probably do a theological blog here soon lest I turn totally heathen. I just haven't been in the mood lately. Maybe that's because I'm really not going through a strong period of doubt. I find that I am most interested in theology when I'm experiencing some serious doubt. But that's just me...

However abbreviated some of the history in this series may be, I'm going for the third, babies.

I'll re-post the first two on the first of the first two weeks of December and post the third on the first of the third week before Christmas Eve. Whoo! That was a fun sentence!

Last year I had fully intended on finishing but the project turned out to be GI- ENORMOUS in scope. It really is too big for a blog and it was too much for a man that had so many irons in the fire at the time I could have.... ironed... a thousand Ironman... things.

I mean, my little short stories are pushing it. Btw, I am a horrendous hypocrite when it comes to long blogs. I usually gripe if I see a blog longer than a page-scroll and then I turn around and write a bazillion words about a walk in the park, or something about poopin, or my disdain for boner-pill commercials during ball games. (viagra moniker courtesy of Cach.)

Anywho... For you theology/history/Jesus lovers, and for those of you skeptical of Christianity, (Yeah Aaron McD., and John Forkner, I'm talking to you,) I think you'll enjoy it.


Fork said...

I would never read anything about your God! Count me out, Wordsworth! I'm going to read MY series "The Foolness of Time" which is about the pagan Earth Queen Goddess.

Tully said...

I'm looking forward to it! ;) And you and I can take any resulting conversations off-line...not sure my thirty something cents will be all that popular on here (call me crazy) but I do enjoy our exchanges on this subject! :)

Seth Ward said...

Forky, tell your neighbor I said high then.

Tully, this blog is never one for "just the like minded."

I have many friends of many faiths and I encourage all kinds of discussion, as long as it is done respectfully.

Yes, I will be closely monitoring the discussion this time and won't be stuck in airports while all the fun is happening, if it does happen. Last time, I had a great chat with an Egyptian over ancient Egypt. He disagreed and it was fun!